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  1. Suppose you have 1 page of 24 members to validate and you wish to validate only 22 of them - how do you do that on one page like 3.4 allows? In 3.4, the validating page has a checkbox next to each member. So I can check the ones that I wish to mass validate while not allowing others. Is this possible in 4.1 ? ? ?
  2. Excellent. Having a leaderboard is cool - having it in profiles GETS them to it.
  3. how adding the award in the sidebar
    EXCELLENT! ! !
  4. I just saw a security release for 3.4.9 that could be downloaded - are you saying that this is no longer the case for version 4?
  5. We see it every day.
  6. It works great and people use the feature quite a bit. Look forward to IPB sites using it. Good point on the valid e-mails.
  7. Here's something that really helps guide forum members through the process of setting up their account better. Buttons with links that guide new members with uploading their avatar, creating their first post, creating their signature, etc. and even includes a progress bar. This is an excellent way for new members to become better engaged in the community and it's a fun process and less frustrating experience. While not a new idea, it's nice to have this message added to the bottom of a new member's first post. It highlights the obvious. . . On the sidebar profile, these fields better illustrate how the member interacts with the community and creates better user engagement The ability for a new registrant to choose SMS validation should really be part of the software right out of the box. This greatly helps alleviate the "I didn't get the confirmation letters" and provides a much faster time from registration to a user's first post.
    Does not work with 4.1
  8. The new 4.X gallery is certainly improved, however, there's one feature that makes it difficult for serious gallery users and publishers alike - how descriptions are handled after the images are uploaded. ^ In gallery for 4.X, you upload your images via drag and dropping and are then greeted with a beautiful post interface. ^ After you upload your images though, you have to enter the description of each photo one at a time, which negates cutting and pasting of similar descriptions. You can scroll up and drown via the photo strip on the left to cut/paste descriptions, however, when you select a photo there's a time delay as the new page loads. ^ With 3.4, you can easily scroll up and down your uploaded photos page and cut/paste similar descriptions fast and easy. ^ In a similar fashion, Facebook's photo upload page allows users to quickly cut/paste photo descriptions all on one page, quickly and easily. It would be great if you can change the way photo descriptions are added after they are uploaded to include them all on one page.
  9. I do love the new stuff too, but there's nothing quite like the crudeness of the muscle car era of yesterday. My mom started working at GM in June of 1963 and bought her first Chevrolet, a maroon Corvair in June. After that, it was Impalas all the way.
  10. And adjusting the points. . .
  11. I built this 1971 Boss 351 motor back in 1997 for one of my Mustangs and changed it to a different motor and then another, etc. I just dug it out from the corner and it looks clean for sitting for close to 20-years. It's a pretty nice engine that revs nicely for its vintage, especially when mated to a four speed (all Boss Mustangs were four speed manuals) and a Detroit Locker with 4.30 axle gears. I love the new muscle cars: Camaro, Challenger, Mustang but there's quite nothing like an old muscle car.
  12. We set our forums to hide content only and never delete. We strictly disallow any deletion. It's not we don't trust moderators, rather, what if someone gets ahold of a moderator's password = trouble.
  13. Well stated