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  1. Why don't we have this?

    XenForo are like a VCR company. Great for people who want to use outdated technology.
  2. I've been asking for this for a while now. My advice is don't hold your breath.
  3. IP.Board 3.4 End of Support

    Let's hope they manage to finish publishing guides for IPS4 before IPB3 EOL.
  4. Here is the current list of providers: I don't know how you can get added to that list. I think you may have to have some plugins in the marketplace first. But I'm not entirely sure.
  5. IPS4 Feature Plan

    You say this like having both is not possible. Why? Vague information is better than no information. Have the 'coming soon' section AND have your plans for the long term. However, if for example, the real reason is you simply don't want to share your future plans or you don't want to spend the time to manage such a feature, I would understand that and accept it as your decision. But with regards to the reasoning you are currently giving, I don't see it as valid. You make it sound like you could do it, but we as customers wouldn't like it, which as you can see by the comments in this topic is not the case.
  6. Learning To Code. IPB?

    I agree Lynda is a good way to go if you want a more professional and structured learning environment.
  7. Learning To Code. IPB?

    Most dynamic IPS code is written in php. Specifically, using an object oriented style of programming with php. However, this style of programming is quite advanced and you will need to first understand all the core fundamentals of php, otherwise you will just get totally lost. I don't know how much experience you have with programming so it is hard to give you recommendations on where you should start. If you are completely new to php then start here: All in all, if you know the following languages you should be good to go (in order of importance): HTML, CSS, php, MySQL, JavaScript/jQuery. Then, if you haven't already, you should read all of the development level guides/documentation that IPS provide (still being populated).
  8. Customer Feedback

    I agree as well. They usually are very helpful. I only wish their support tickets could handle code level questions. That would be a dream. Honestly, I haven't found an another company that's in the same league in terms of product offering. They offer almost a complete package. CMS, member management, store/payment system etc. I've tried looking out of curiosity and haven't found anyone that offers the same options and quality. If you know of one please let me know. I learnt in economics class that monopolies are bad for consumers. Curse you IPS!
  9. Javascript Disabled / Offline Updates

    Why don't you just disable javascript and see for yourself?
  10. Free SSL

    Why would you get a free SSL cert when you could just get one for just under $1,000 a year that does basically the same thing. I hate change.
  11. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    nice work.
  12. About IP Nexus

    It does have it's own section too. Which has settings you can control in the ACP.
  13. About IP Nexus

    What do you mean? There is a whole Billing & Purchases area.
  14. Looking very nice

    Darn it. I thought the title of this topic was referring to me.
  15. About IP Nexus

    Have you looked at this?