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  1. Really IPB...THIS SEARCH SxCKS !!!!

    I'm with you 100%, poor search results have always been a pet peeve of mine. I'm running Sphinx on my 3.x forum, and I've been holding off on upgrading to 4.x until this issue is resolved. It's bad enough on this forum that I often have to go to resort to Google to try and find topics. I don't want members to have to do the same on my forum.
  2. Video: 4.2 So Far

    Interesting, thanks Adriano! I hadn't seen that before.
  3. Video: 4.2 So Far

    Thanks for the video. I'm curious, what is the "Copy to Database" item in the topic moderation menu?
  4. New: Device Management

    I feel that given all the other work already done, a page to detail users sharing devices (as described in my first comment) should be built into IP.Board, versus a third-party add-on.
  5. New: Device Management

    Please read my first comment -- I hope Invision adds an Admin page that shows all devices being used with multiple accounts, as that'll be extremely useful. Otherwise the only way you're going to see if someone is using multiple accounts on the same device is if you happen to look at their account in the admin panel for some reason.
  6. New: Device Management

    The last bit about showing multiple users sharing the same device is very important to me as an admin. Very nice addition! If you can take this one step further and create a page that shows ALL devices with multiple users, that would be an extremely useful report. This allows you to more easily catch people creating multiple accounts, especially handy to help catch trolls who are trying to evade a ban. Thank you!
  7. New: Delayed Deletes

    Yes, that's extremely useful on Facebook pages, so I'd love to see that as a feature in the forum.
  8. Delayed Deletes

    I'd also very much like the ability to retain deleted content indefinitely. This was a feature at some point in 3.x (the "Trashcan" forum), but was removed, much to my disappointment. It is extremely useful in many circumstances to retain this content so it can be viewed and/or restored if necessary.
  9. New: Delayed Deletes

    Yeah, I've had to retrieve threads from backups before as well for various reasons. I really miss the Trashcan forum. @Lindy, is it possible to change this feature to allow one to keep deleted posts indefinitely? It's very useful for many reasons. Thanks!
  10. New: Delayed Deletes

    There was the hidden 'Trashcan" forum in the past where deleted posts and topics would be moved to. I miss this, because you could keep these deleted items indefinitely, allowing you to go back and look at deleted content if you needed to for some reason.
  11. New: Delayed Deletes

    Thank you, I stupidly did not click on the image.
  12. New: Delayed Deletes

    Can you define "recently deleted"? Is there a specific time frame? Can this be set by the admin? Thanks!
  13. why is search so bad?

    This is an important issue to me as well, so I'm disappointed that it's been pushed off for so long. This is one of the main reasons I haven't been highly motivated to move my site to 4.x. There are many great improvements in 4.x, and I'm excited to see everything that's in store for 4.2, but I'd be taking a step backwards with the quality of search results if I migrated my forum.
  14. New: Recommended Replies

    I agree, a mechanism to allow users to "up vote" posts and somehow highlight the highest voted posts would be interesting. There is already the "Like" mechanism, and that would be put into play. Anytime you have voting, though, you end up with people doing vote brigading, so it's not always ideal.
  15. New: Content Message

    Some of the links in that post are actually to other threads, and there are so many links that I feel the Recommended Replies feature would be too unwieldy. But I certainly intend to use the Recommended Replies feature often.