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  1. This is super sexy, I've wanted to play with master/slave replication for a while in order to speed up my database and have a real-time backup of the database on another server, but haven't done so yet. I'm really excited to see this become a feature in IP.Board. ..Al
  2. That's great, thanks for the quick response! Can you describe what you plan on doing for shipping?
  3. This really looks great, but does it have any support for providing shipping costs? Pretty much everything that people sell on my forum requires shipping. And, shipping costs can vary quite a bit between US domestic shipping, Canada, and other international destinations. Ideally there would be a way to enter one or more shipping fields, such as: Shipping: US: $4.50 Canada: $11.00 International: $20.00 You could also allow people to enter the method of shipping, US: $4.50 (First Class Mail) US: $8.00 (Priority Mail) Canada: $11.00 (USPS First Class International) International: $20.00 (USPS First Class International) Options need to include "Local Pickup" and "Free". As well as to not show the shipping information if the seller didn't specify any. The additional of something along these lines would make this more compelling for use on my forum Thanks for your consideration!
  4. More great changes, I appreciate your taking the time to describe upcoming improvements! Question about the embeds: How easy is it for third-party developers (and/or forum admins) to create new embeds? Thanks!
  5. Yeah, this is one of the issues preventing me from migrating from 3.x to 4.x.
  6. Thanks!
  7. The ability to force posts directly into moderation is an excellent addition!! I have a question -- if a post goes straight into moderation due to a match on the filter, is the user notified of this?
  8. Thank you!
  9. What are the black boxes with the magnifying glass and number in these screenshots?
  10. I love you.
  11. A search help popup would be awesome!
  12. Agreed, cannot stress this enough.
  13. To upgrade to 4.x?
  14. lolz, YouTube videos in signatures! I'd quickly nope out of a site that was letting its members do that. I don't even allow images in signatures.
  15. The most important thing for me here, as far as realistic expectations that I hope you guys fix, are: Allow the message pane on the left to expand vertically to take advantage of those using taller and/or high resolutions displays. This would alleviate one of my complaints about this view, just doesn't show nearly as much information as the old style did (and it's harder to parse, in my opinion). Fix the scrolling issue so the whole page doesn't move while you're scrolling through the messages pane. Display or at least expose as variables the current number of messages in the mailbox and the total allowed (if not already exposed). Provide some mechanism to rename folders you create. I will probably modify the message pane view to remove the "preview" text to reduce the height of each row, and also unwrap the date. Also, just a general comment, Invision really likes pop-up menus. There are so many on this page! Also, the upcoming change to allow me to filter based on recipient/sender is very welcome. THANK YOU! Has the speed of the search in the Messenger been improved? I currently have 28,000 private conversations on my forum, and searching is agonizingly slow. Before anyone asks, I often need to reference old conversations, so deleting them is not an option. You guys are going to love me when I start seriously playing with 4.x.