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  1. I love you.
  2. A search help popup would be awesome!
  3. Agreed, cannot stress this enough.
  4. To upgrade to 4.x?
  5. lolz, YouTube videos in signatures! I'd quickly nope out of a site that was letting its members do that. I don't even allow images in signatures.
  6. The most important thing for me here, as far as realistic expectations that I hope you guys fix, are: Allow the message pane on the left to expand vertically to take advantage of those using taller and/or high resolutions displays. This would alleviate one of my complaints about this view, just doesn't show nearly as much information as the old style did (and it's harder to parse, in my opinion). Fix the scrolling issue so the whole page doesn't move while you're scrolling through the messages pane. Display or at least expose as variables the current number of messages in the mailbox and the total allowed (if not already exposed). Provide some mechanism to rename folders you create. I will probably modify the message pane view to remove the "preview" text to reduce the height of each row, and also unwrap the date. Also, just a general comment, Invision really likes pop-up menus. There are so many on this page! Also, the upcoming change to allow me to filter based on recipient/sender is very welcome. THANK YOU! Has the speed of the search in the Messenger been improved? I currently have 28,000 private conversations on my forum, and searching is agonizingly slow. Before anyone asks, I often need to reference old conversations, so deleting them is not an option. You guys are going to love me when I start seriously playing with 4.x.
  7. You're right, of course, but it's extremely light in the above screenshot and I didn't even see it until you pointed it out. ..Al
  8. Oh man, I'm not crazy about this. It will certainly take some getting used to. I deal with a heavy amount of email every day, and my desktop app is configured with the list of messages at the top and the selected message at the bottom. The 3.4.x messenger layout lets me see considerably more messages at one time, and parse through the ones I want to look at more quickly. I also get a ton of PMs on my forum, and the same applies. Having to scroll through a small window on the left looks like it's going to be rather cumbersome. Not only that, but the window seems to fixed at some arbitrary size, wasting even more space. There is also more information "hidden" by default, which is poor UI design in my opinion. The mailboxes are now hidden behind a drop-down menu. Viewing new or all conversations is now hidden behind a mysterious icon (so people may not even know they can choose between the two). I can't see how many messages are in my mailbox (which is useful information--subscribers on my forum get a larger mailbox, so these numbers have meaning), and I don't see any way to edit the name of a folder you've created. It is aggravating and disappointing to see changes like this. The big white space when you enter the page just screams "What an inefficient use of space" for that initial view. It would be great if the forum remembered the last conversation you were looking at and had that open (to the correct page) by default. This would help give messenger more of a mail client feel, if that's what you are trying to mimic. At the very least, some text in this empty space, such as, "Select a conversation to view". or "Your mailbox is empty" if you don't have any conversations (something I will never see!) would be helpful. Also, the scrolling in the messages page on the left is very annoying (in Chrome, have not tried Firefox or Safari yet). When you scroll and get to the bottom of the first "page" of results, it then starts scrolling the entire browser window. This seems to happen at the bottom of each page. It also scrolls the page when there are no more results, but your mouse cursor is still over the messages pane window. Please change this so vertical scrolling only occurs in this "window" while your mouse is over it. Thank you for listening.
  9. I would like to try this on my forum with 3.5 million posts. I have a dedicated development server I can do a test conversion on to see how long it takes. Having a conversion process run for a week (or even several days) in the background, leaving all "unconverted" posts in a broken state is unacceptable. Is there no command-line version of this process that can be run, as opposed to this "50 posts at a time" in a browser business. I'd really prefer to have whatever this conversion is doing complete before I put the converted forum back online, which would allow me to use the full power of the server to perform these changes. ..Al
  10. I have a paid Mandrill account.
  11. I cannot even get IPS 3.4.x to work with Mandrill, so I have wasted my money thus far on this mod. ..Al
  12. I'm also very interested in this integration, looking forward to learning more!
  13. 99.9% of the content generated on my forum is in the form of regular forum posts. How about adding the word "Preview" as part of that preview icon in the editor? I'd still want a separate "Preview Post" button next to "Submit Reply".
  14. I agree, my users are not going to realize that this new icon represents "Preview Post" without being hit across the head with it. It's so non-obvious if you are looking for a "Preview" button as most forums have. And it should be near the "Submit Reply" button, since you'll be at the bottom of the editor window when you finish composing (especially if you are writing a longer post, and more especially if the editor window has expanded vertically with any significance). And, in my opinion, it is related to submitting the post, since the first thing many people will want to do is preview the post before submitting.
  15. I see that.