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  1. Random Logos (Support)

    Indeed, that would be important. Looking forward to the next version where this will be included! I will buy it for sure If you need a beta tester count on me to help
  2. Random Logos (Support)

    Hi @Mike John, congrats on the great plugin! I do have a question related to a functionality that today is not available, but which would be amazing to have and I would definitely acquire it if it would be included. From what I see and read, the plugin allows you to define random logos and then display them, well, randomly. Would it be possible to define days in which the logo to be displayed would be not a random one, but a specific one? I am thinking in something like google does in their search page, but for the IPB logos. I have today more than 30 different logos which I need to manually change, and with this functionality it would be super simply to set it up and easily update and add new logos. What do you think? Thanks again for the plugin and looking forward to your reply! JB
  3. (NB41) Social Count Fans

    I also got Facebook to work... and Twitter is still ok of course. Nothing else is working.
  4. (NB41) Social Count Fans

    I have login handlers for facebook, google, instagram, twitter, linkedin, paypal, instagram... I followed the instructions above for youtube but it didn't work since it asks for the user channel link and not for the application id or the application secret. The same for the other social networks, except Twitter which is working well.
  5. (NB41) Social Count Fans

    I just bought this plugin. Only Twitter is working... Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google+ I can't make it work. If anyone did, help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. iAwards

    I only check the permissions and since they were all set didn't worried about it... followed your advice and reconfigure it all, and it's now working Thanks a lot!
  7. iAwards

    I just installed this App today, since I recently upgraded my board to IPB4. Previously I had the HQ Awards, and when running the import tool, it worked perfectly for the awards, but sadly not for the members that were awarded the old medals... is this normal to happen or something went wrong? Thanks!
  8. Links Directory

    Sent you the message Adriano. Thanks
  9. Links Directory

    Yes, from 3.4. I'll send you a message. Obrigado!
  10. Links Directory

    Hi Adriano! Happy to see that you developed the upgrade of this great app I just upgraded to the new IPB and am updating older apps. When trying to update this one, I got the following error: Any idea what I should do here? Muito obrigado! JB
  11. Duplicate Members Logger

    Same here...
  12. Duplicate Members Logger

    Wanted to avoid to delete all the machines, but ok... just did it. Let's see how it behaves now. Thanks for the hint!
  13. Duplicate Members Logger

    This was working perfectly until a few weeks ago... now, when trying to access Manage Duplicates, the page loads forever and nothing is displayed - blank page... Anybody faces the same problem? Thanks
  14. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    Sweet!! By the way, will it be possible to choose how the banner and text will appear in the hook in the main page? I don't like how it wraps the text now and it would looke much better if text could simply be after the image. It's ok when the image is small, but if a bit bigger it doesn't look well. Thanks a lot for the new developments! JB
  15. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    The upload issue is solved. Looks like the ftp was offline when I changed the chmod and it didn't sent the info to the server.... The links though, don't work still.... and this for me is the most confusing part. But at least one of the methods is working and I can use it :) Anyone knows where the API cached photos are stored? And is it safe to remove them if I'm not using Thumbshots? Thanks, JB