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  1. Same here...
  2. Wanted to avoid to delete all the machines, but ok... just did it. Let's see how it behaves now. Thanks for the hint!
  3. This was working perfectly until a few weeks ago... now, when trying to access Manage Duplicates, the page loads forever and nothing is displayed - blank page... Anybody faces the same problem? Thanks
  4. Sweet!! By the way, will it be possible to choose how the banner and text will appear in the hook in the main page? I don't like how it wraps the text now and it would looke much better if text could simply be after the image. It's ok when the image is small, but if a bit bigger it doesn't look well. Thanks a lot for the new developments! JB
  5. The upload issue is solved. Looks like the ftp was offline when I changed the chmod and it didn't sent the info to the server.... The links though, don't work still.... and this for me is the most confusing part. But at least one of the methods is working and I can use it :) Anyone knows where the API cached photos are stored? And is it safe to remove them if I'm not using Thumbshots? Thanks, JB
  6. In the install it didn't accuse anything and I checked the chmod 777... but in the case of the files uploaded, this is not even relevant... it should work, right? MP sent! Thanks!
  7. So, I had to give up from the API of Thumbshots.... so I tried the other alternatives: - Upload option - when submitting the image I get an error message and the description text loses all formatting loke previously mentioned here... - url option - I created the thumbnail images in different sizes, copied them to the server, edited the link, inserted the url, saved (paragraph formatting gone again....) and... nothing... no images are displayed. Any suggestions? Thanks and regards, JB
  8. Does it work directly with IPB? Or just ip.content? Thanks, JB
  9. I had around 80.... after deleting some down to 50 so I guess that something is wrong with my setup... but thanks for the feedback. I completely agree! The application is amazing and very powerful! You can even insert youtube links and increase the scope beyond a already very good link directory :) Amazing work from the developers here and congrats.
  10. No... it's been like that for more than 20 hours. Now I just deactivated Cache Thumbnail API and apparently it's normal.... hm... shouldn't it be the other way around??? JB
  11. HI all, Have anyone experienced extreme slow page loading? I was using the Links really fast and without any issues until yesterday evening after uploading a new link (which in the meantime I already deleted to see if that was the problem), and suddenly to navigate in the Links categories, and even to load the main page of the forum it's really slow.... I would share the link to the portal but for now only some members have access to Links so most don't see anything yet.... Thanks, JB Edit: Even when seeing the profile of the members that have contributed with links, the board takes more than 2 minutes to load....
  12. In my humble opinion, and agreeing with the messages above, not only it should be possible to remove one specific warning (and not only all or nothing), but there should be a filter to delete, for example, warnings made more than 1 year ago.