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  1. Up to version 3.x IPS had a bunch of mods, more than a few awesome developers and some really active 3rd party websites. Ironically the marketplace here seemed to slow interest in new 3rd party development. From a semi-active user's standpoint IPS seems to have taken a smart turn in the road creating a system core > forums and keeping intact their other modules. Not sure what happened to the development community. I think IPS should develop the faeces out of IP.Content and throw out a new plugin or module a month. Or just offer new stuff for the articles mod to get the ball rolling again. Why blame 3rd party developers on anything all? It's 100% IPS' fault the dev community is shrinking. It's their job to keep it going..aside from bug fixes that's all they should be concerned with. Maybe they should create an app builder for iOS and android and totally hone in on their mobile skin? IDK what the problem is, but they sure should. And to the guy who said IPS is chill and dev work is slow because it's just not a priority for developers? What a terrible point of view! Maybe its true, but IPS is seems like it should be a prime time pro community software suite (as advertised). Communities are being sold for billions everyday. For the last 10 years company-worth has been benched against how engaged their communities are...so why isn't this suite kicking all kinds of ass?
  2. When you refresh an iCalendar feed import it only brings in new data and does not sync deleted data. In most cases we cant use this feature because we'd have to delete everything and start over atleast once a week. (dates change etc) An option to destroy all data in the calendar your importing into and rewrite with all data from iCal feed would be better along with a scheduled task to do this daily.
  3. No it's not.
    Works great! Nice job.
  4. oops. my issue was that I did not have forums installed. Thanks
  5. Cheers is spot on. On one hand there are niche communities that are in need of an organic friends system. On the other hand we have enterprise clients that use IPS everyday and will never use the friends system (or forums). Nonetheless an on/off feature for such a mechanism is a point of sale for both types of clients.
  6. holy bro...maybe you IPS gurus go document that Pages app with all this energy.
  7. I did that just before I posted I will pm you.
  8. ​ehh IPS hosts a Marketplace where people modify and monetize modifying IPS code to some extent, and if you didn't have that core group of guys that made mods and hooks IPS would have probably 2/3s less clients (thus the marketplace push before the documentation push). Anyways, the Pages app is not much without some modifications of stock code and there's nothing on it. I'd start there. Pages seems to heave the most potential and least doc. Thanks!
  9. Using RC6
  10. This app throws an error for me: EX1146 Something went wrong. Please try again. both in in admin cp "Portal > Settings" and when browsed to from front-end nav
  11. Thanks IN10TION! *So I got the status to work. I tried to add another dropdown and I can't get it to show. The fields is "Assigned To" but all it shows is the Status. Any other edits I need to make for it to show?
  12. ​I can't get to "the tab Display Options". How did you do that? IPS are going to release theirs I think? Read Matt's post here.
  13. ​ah..sounds like its very close then..approximately
  14. did someone say Feb 10th for RC?