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  1. Yeah..on or off. So for example, Group A are members that can register and gain access to basic areas of website and Group B are familiar trusted members and its OK and helpful for them to see who's online and time-stamps etc. Although I can fine tune who sees what I cannot for the most basic of features—profiles and activity/online status. I find that frustrating. We have all these view permissions and features, but an on/off switch for activity and just an always on switch for profiles.
  2. I cannot set up a gallery that only shows to one person (and admins—a private gallery) without showing that it exists to other members unless I create a group per gallery. You can't hide groups so I don't see this as possible. I'm suggesting adding private options to a user's profile so they come back everyday to create content for the community or for themselves.
  3. @Lindy Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to "Special Groups." I'd like to note that from B2B, to gaming clans to mental health, to every group of people some do not want to be tracked by strangers. And there are scenarios where admins want to hide groups from other groups. Various—legit—reasons come up for this (strategy, privacy, and stalkers to name a few). The most basic privacy need is a user's profile and online status. Watching when someone logs in and out becomes an insidious pass-time for obsessive or needy mods and members—the real trolls. Here are some examples that aren't trollish...I don't want someone to know I'm online if.. I temp-banned someone for being an butthole surfer in a game server. I want to ignore a PM I soft-hire a new copywriter I didn't want to reveal to the whole site/team/world Needed to log in at 3am and tweak my profile, draft a post, or participate in private forums—I don't want my mom, coworker, or whomever to see me up so late cause it's none of their business (maybe trollish to some, but whatever). And I'm an admin with control. Members have it worse. Some members/clients are just turned off entirely by the lack of anonymity on IPS sites. From a marketing perspective—busting ass to get new users to hop on from FB or IG becomes a conflict of privacy options—and if they happen to join your competitors can immediately market to them. 30% of Instagram is private and where as I realize you are not trying to be Instagram, and its not a direct comparison it does reflect the desire non-trollish people have Members-list/profile challenges aside, permission sets allowed us a ton of workarounds and offer a deep complex matrix to our leaders. It used to be just awesome to deploy and maintain from ACP level. Its not anymore. It's embarrassing by comparison.
  4. I agree. The lack of Permission sets has rendered IPS useless for me in 2 instances.
  5. Please consider allowing members to have a private galleries and notes. So when someone registers they can immediately start creating and drafting private content. It helps considerably to start an active community to give new members something to do and come back for.
  6. I think a members and groups should be able to hide and this should be configurable via the ACP. I liked Permission Sets for this reason. Where'd they go? If a site has 20 groups they ALL show up in advanced search and it looks obnoxious and confusing. Also allowing members to have anonymity and not be stalked, time stamped and followed would be nice—especially on small sites (and all sites start small).
  7. got it! thanks.
  8. I cannot change the order of questions in "Manage Questions" The drag and drop options only appear in "Manage Collections"
  9. Can I change the order in which the questions appear?
  10. why not build them in pages, sell subscriptions w/nexus for access and use jwplayer?
  11. Up to version 3.x IPS had a bunch of mods, more than a few awesome developers and some really active 3rd party websites. Ironically the marketplace here seemed to slow interest in new 3rd party development. From a semi-active user's standpoint IPS seems to have taken a smart turn in the road creating a system core > forums and keeping intact their other modules. Not sure what happened to the development community. I think IPS should develop the faeces out of IP.Content and throw out a new plugin or module a month. Or just offer new stuff for the articles mod to get the ball rolling again. Why blame 3rd party developers on anything all? It's 100% IPS' fault the dev community is shrinking. It's their job to keep it going..aside from bug fixes that's all they should be concerned with. Maybe they should create an app builder for iOS and android and totally hone in on their mobile skin? IDK what the problem is, but they sure should. And to the guy who said IPS is chill and dev work is slow because it's just not a priority for developers? What a terrible point of view! Maybe its true, but IPS is seems like it should be a prime time pro community software suite (as advertised). Communities are being sold for billions everyday. For the last 10 years company-worth has been benched against how engaged their communities are...so why isn't this suite kicking all kinds of ass?
  12. When you refresh an iCalendar feed import it only brings in new data and does not sync deleted data. In most cases we cant use this feature because we'd have to delete everything and start over atleast once a week. (dates change etc) An option to destroy all data in the calendar your importing into and rewrite with all data from iCal feed would be better along with a scheduled task to do this daily.
  13. No it's not.
    Works great! Nice job.
  14. oops. my issue was that I did not have forums installed. Thanks