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  1. A very pretty and unique design, I will be following your progress. It is a great theme. My feedback: - Allow maximizing the page width.
  2. Ok, I've been working with this application for some time now. There are some things I'd like to mention for your consideration in future versions. - Add link on the application menu to the settings configuration (already mentioned on previous post) - Add option to disable the alphabet list on the front page (it is distractive to readers, especially when there are few items) - Not everyone adds reviews of physical products or payware. Please allow disabling the listing "Latest Submitted deals" - Please consider adding an option to remove credits on the footer of the page, we already paid a lot for this application - Photo handling of products. Users can add products but cannot add a photo, this is a problem to the administrator. Please allow an option for trusted groups to add an URL or upload a product photo. This would make products much more efficient. Thank you very much for taking this into consideration.
  3. Please add a link on the application tab. This is not obvious, I thought that the reviews system was broken until I noticed that the error message was intentional. Many other users might get confused as well. Thanks.
  4. Ok, please disregard my previous questions. I went ahead, bought your addon and verified it works as intended. No issues to report.
  5. Hi, I like this addon, would like to purchase. However, there are two doubts. On my site we use a recent topics addon that is show just above the forum categories, if your addon is activated will it appear above the recent topics? If not, then it will not be seen by most visitors. The second question: would it be possible to add a link to the original search page next to your search button? The idea is disabling completely the search box but still enabling visitors to use the old search in case they wish. Congratulations for a great work so far.
  6. Sorry for delay in replying, only noticed the new private message today. I've replied back to your message. Thank you for helping.
  7. Hi, I didn't went throught the 37 pages of comments to see if this has already been asked before. Can we use this addon for promoting the content from the IP.Downloads portal instead of the forum? I say this because on the downloads portal we can force each new entry to have at least one screenshot, this way we ensure that all promoted content gets featured automatically without need for administrative intervention. This is what I would like to see available, perhaps as a new mod? I'm willing to sponsor this development.
  8. Thank you. I really appreciate your effort and perfectly understand how hard to keep up a permanent 24/7 service. You're doing what is possible and that is already a good help. Have a nice week, thanks for helping! :)
  9. Hi Bitter, I've bought your theme today, very good work and well worth the money. I'm now working on the integration of the theme at my site, my only problem so far is the adsense placement. My site logo is not very big and I would like to include both the logo and the adsense strip under the blue bar. The red arrow shows better where I would like to place my 728x90 adsense banner: " alt="yx7xfVl.png"> I know the adsense unit fits inside the blue bar quite comfortably, I just can't put the logo on top and then break a line to place the adsense banner directly below. I've tried different approaches on the default header code but whenever I add a <br> or <div> then the orange box goes down and breaks the design. I'm not an expert but still tried as much as possible to apply this feature without bugging you. Can you please help? My thanks in advance! :smile:
  10. Hi, I can see the skin mods present on my customized skin from the admin panel, but the button is not visible on the public forum topics albeit it works great on the user profile and downloads portal. I've modified slightly the ng33MDBTopicView file to show some example test after the "if" block but this is not output on the public forum in either case. From what I see, it seems that the hook is not called at all. I'm using a recent IPB forum version updated last December. Any idea of how to fix this? Thanks!
  11. Sorry, still waiting to see this mod working on my forum.
  12. Even SEO is not concerned, it does help readers that found your site through google to get acquainted with the other forum sections available on the site. So far, this has been a handy feature for my case.
  13. Good plugin, works on my forum site. Thank you for sharing this. :)
  14. This mod is not showing on my board. I try to save the data for for my profile and it does't seem to save at all. Appears as "saved" on the message and then nothing else. Also, paypal is not visible nor any other member seems to be able of using this mod.