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  1. By chance, any updates on this @Lindy?
  2. I reported the bug. Either way it will be fixed, that's all that matters to me.
  3. No, well sorta ,that particular theme only allows for select colors. What I meant was the default IPS 4.x theme but with a full color picker, similar to the one used in his other theme Elegant (great theme too by the way) and other custom themes. But many of my members seem to like my customized version of the IPS default better, but also like the idea of making it their own too, with a color picker. As for the suggestion (which apparently has went unnoticed by IPS) it would be a nice feature to have by default, and would add extra value and usability to the default theme. I do wish they'd consider something like this.
  4. Something I've been thinking about that i think would be a pretty cool future feature for IPS to have would be the ability to let users change the colors of the default theme, I know some people like to use the default theme for their sites and change it's colors, and not every user of said sites have the same color preferences. So maybe adding a color picker, perhaps similar to some of the color changing themes out there would be a good move, or even better might be something that instead of using cookies to save color settings, have an actual setting in the users settings area, so their color choices would remain, even if cookies were cleared or another browser or device was used. A default color set still could be set by administrators of course and the color picker could be disabled, if someone so chooses.
  5. Really wish they'd reconsider and release it for 4.x, heck make it a paid mod, if it were really good and fully integrated into IPB with support for not only flash but other type games, I'm sure people would be willing to pay a reasonable price for it. I know I would, I really miss having an arcade on my site.
  6. Or perhaps someone can create a paid Arcade system something along the lines of this right here fully integrated into IPB, release it at a fair price, it looks alot more flexible than the old IPB Arcade systems and isn't limited to just Flash games.
  7. Wish there was some sort of Arcade for 4.0 / 4.1, sadly it doesn't appear there will be one anytime soon.
  8. +1 Would be nice to have that as an option.
  9. Agreed.
  10. Something that would be useful would be to allow topics to be bumped without replying to a topic, like in topics where posts are updated frequently, like list topics for instance. It would make it easier than having to make a junk post just to let everyone know the post / list has been updated.
  11. Are you still planning on updating this for 4.0 or waiting for 4.1 which should be out pretty soon?
  12. Would make the chat more visible from the forums without the clutter when no one is there or perhaps another solution might be to use the new instant notification system coming in IPS 4.1 to alert members when the chat is in use somehow, not sure the best implementation of that however. The easiest would just be adding the option to hide the Who's Chatting block when no one is in the chat, like it was in 3.4.x. Will this be something that's possible with IPS 4.1 by chance?
  13. Thanks for the update @Lindy, As much I do wish it was in 4.1, I do appreciate and am glad you guys are planning to implement this and take the time to do it properly, and not just plaster in a quick solution. But It's also good to know it's not something too far down the road either, if it doesn't make it into the 4.1 series.
  14. It's a shame I didn't see this listed as a feature to be included in IP Suite 4.1. Was hoping it would be added soon.
  15. Would absolutely love to have this feature, hope it gets added soon, i could use it right now..