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  1. Lol :yes:
  2. Charles and all the IPS staff, I dont mean this nastily guys, but maybe the next time you wont tell anyone what you are releasing until you finish it, this happens every time a release is announced. As for the ones griping about their business, its funny how there business ran perfectly well and still is on 3.4.6. People just cant wait. For those who say the can make another choice fine, Vbullitin 5 was released when it was not even finished or ready your welcome to waste your money there if you wish. Xenforo has not been updated for years, you can always go there and waste your money if you wish. If you give them a chance they will finish it quicker because they wont be on here wasting their time answering your questions. I run a Military website I want it just as much, I know its coming and I will get it when its finished I am quite happy to wait, giving information somtimes is no good as they may decide to remove something announced, you will all just have to learn to wait like me. it will be ready when its finished.
  3. Keep up the good work IPB, let them wait till its done, keep the head down do your work in peace and let them keep guessing. How much of "When its ready" do people not understand.
  4. Thank you yes all sorted now. I did get the full 6 Months, thank you IPS. :smile: :smile:
  5. Ok thanks for your help Dmacleo. Misi as I am blind I think I can be forgiven for a small typo mate. At least I put accross what I wanted to know. Thank god the Army paid for special equipment for me to continue using the computer.
  6. I was just about to renew my fee for IPS Suite, however I would like to ask a question, I believe the charges have changed again from what I have read. before you were aloud to let it lapse until you wished to renew your account then became dormant untill you renew, then on renewal you paid your $60 for six months and you carried on. Now reading the board I have read this has now changed again and that if I renewed now for 6 months it would be renewed back to September giving me a month before I would have to pay again. Can anyone help me with an answer as I cannot ask support as I have no access Many thanks
  7. Lindy has posted this in the original advertisment ** We have enough applications to fill this position. Thank you for your interest! ** So I guess the post is filled.
  8. I have reported a website for piracy 4 times and its still blatantly serving pirate IPB software and apps and hooks, and laughs at anyone who comments about it saying they cant get touched by IPB so what gives. And there are people on this site providing the software to them. Why report them when you see them still pirating after 5 years despite reporting them. It is a waste of time and effort
  9. Mike did you read my last post mate thanking you. Thank you for your PM
  10. Michael you as far as I am concerned are a very decent man mate and very honest, I also fully agree that you deserve to protect what you created, I know of a few Wolfs on here passing items to the warez scene Webflake comes to mind and think nothing of it mate, the copyright I am willing to wait, I don't expect miracles. I appreciate your long note I enjoyed reading it mate thank you. Also buddy I don't think you can refund me mate as you very kindly donated Promenu to me lol which to me was sincere kindness, and I for one will never forget what you did. Please all I want is this tooing a frowing to stop and lets draw a line under, the whole matter. again thanks for your kindness and God Bless
  11. Posted by accident
  12. As far as I am concerned this issue is now ended, I cant be bothered with any more of this. I will look into the copyright issue and get back to you
  13. As you seem to want to come on here barging at me Robert, when you feel like it, the respect I had for you is dwindling very fast. I knew the reason why you would not supply support or reply to my PMs was because as you state what happened last Feb, However I had let that drop, you clearly have not. Secondly all my posts and messages have been nothing but polite to you, yet yours seem to do nothing but scorn, even Michael maintained a polite manner. That hook was the one that was causing all the trouble, as soon as it was removed ProMenu worked straight away. That speaks for itself. Many others have had the same problem. As I am not using ProMenu on my R.Irish skin, and the menu is built in, and I paid for the skin to be made, you have no right to display your copyright on that skin saying the menu is yours. I own the copyright to that skin and menu. I am not going to to pay a fee to have something removed from my own skin, which I did not give permission, for anyone to add to the skin. I will say it once more, I am not using your software to disply a menu on that skin. However as Michael has said he will get that coded into 3.1 I am happy to wait, although I could insist it be removed now, but again I am being polite and ameniable and will let it stay till the next release. Anyway I have already said I have had the menu fixed, it works and i am happy. Why keep trying to cause a flamewar or push me to react, so I get banned again. Sorry but that aint going to happen because I am not going to react. I am not well enough to take anymore of this hassle from you. I dont need it and can really do without it.
  14. Well its sorted now anyway :smile:
  15. I did mate please read #675