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  1. Under "Manage Awarded" under the award itself (I think it's one of the places that is broken in the current version that we are fixing).
  2. @Iwo Kosmala Adding awards is in the "Create" menu or you can do it in the ACP.
  3. @kRSB We are working on it. There is a conflict between setting admin sorting/filtering and the member sorting/filtering. We will have a fix as soon as we figure out the conflict.
    1. Adlago


      There is a Bulgarian singer that I really like. She sings about love. When I'm tired mad and I got the mood that you describe in your site, I include some video of this singer - got relief from her appealing voice. I know that you will not understand the lyrics, but I hope at least a little to make you smile. Good luck in yours battles.



    2. media
  4. We should have as soon as it's ready. I'm hoping before next week.
  5. Raw is working on it and the other bugs reported.
  6. Thank you @DeadiKation We are looking into them everyone. @The Dark Wizard We can investigate adding that feature at a later time.
  7. I'm looking at them. It's possible that it's fine on the rules end but something went wonky with the update. We're working on it.
  8. @C4D Cafe what version of IPS and iAwards are you running? (checking into your account) @craigf136 Can you give me the rule you are using as I do not have this problem.
  9. @The Dark Wizard Not currently but we will see if we can get it too.
  10. I think it was just a fluke with as I upgraded and now it's working appropriately.
  11. @TSP I'm having problems looking up posted by anonymous. It looks like the logs aren't properly loading up? When I look up a post ID that I know that I personally posted as anonymous it asks me if I was sure it was posted anonymously as there is no log for it.
  12. Can you post your error log after posting that?
  13. I'll throw my hat in for a developer license suggestion. I still think there should be an investment. Even if it's 50% of the price and unusable as an actual community suite. The stipulation is that within X amount of time (determined by IPS and possibly the purchasing developer) there is a modification created and submitted to the marketplace. Renewals and whatnot I wouldn't know but active/maintained mods is the key factor. If, after 3-6 months there are multiple "broken" reports and no action (which TBH 3-6 months is obscene if we are talking paid mods here) then their developer license expires and they have to reapply and likely re-pay the initial developer costs. Something that incites a developer to keep their mods updated would be key in my honest opinion (aka discounts on renewals, advanced bug reporting etc). As a very novice developer I will say that the license is never my problem. I have other developer hitches.
  14. What do you consider the entire marketplace? 10 plugins? 20? 50? I mean I have so many I don't even remember anymore. They all just add features. The few that are important are ones that are likely being considered for core integration in the future. As for other (free) alternatives. I can say that for sure there is a difference in quality and time invested. The developers here have money invested in making money and therefore are more diligent about their mods and upgrading them. I've seen mods that are in high demand go to the wayside for many free projects because they are not invested in it.