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  1. Could you please reply to my messages? I think I deserve the support that you promise in your description. I contacted you here and at your site a few days ago. No reply whatsoever. What kind of support is this? can I get a refund?

  2. PGN Chess BBCode

    Does anybody know if this works for IPB 4+ ?
  3. Agile by IPS Themes

    It won't be completely white, but mostly white, yes. I was thinking of "painting" the background area where the text appears in some other color, but probably not very practical as depending on the user's screen resolution, it won't match the correct area. Being able to change the link color instead would be very useful indeed!
  4. Agile by IPS Themes

    Thanks Tom. The message appears in black, but all the links are displayed in a white+shadowed font.
  5. Agile by IPS Themes

    Thanks Tom, much appreciated! Only thing left is that the hyperlinks in the text message still appear in white color.
  6. Agile by IPS Themes

    Just purchased this. Very impressed at all the features and how easy it is to change most things. ​ Quick question: in the announcement section, there's some white text "Welcome, Member Why not check out our new content? Also, view your latest notifications and messages." How do I go about changing this text´s colour? (I'm using light images on this section, so it can hardly be read)
  7. Perhaps the word "crowdsourcing" is not the most appropriate, as we're discussing much smaller amounts than the average, but in my experience, this is what often happens: 1- User a wants xx idea to be implemented and is willing to pay for it. He requests a quote (estimate) 2- Estimate is presented (not always, but often privately) by coder b. 3- User a asks around if anyone interested in the mod would be willing to chip in. Everyone says: "no, but I'd be willing to pay xx$ bucks once it's done." (yeah, right, me too, it's so easy once it's done!!) 4- User a pays the full amount (only way to see the mod take off). Since coder can't sell any copies for the original production price, price goes down dramatically or mod is released for free (not much else the coder can do! this is perfectly understandable). 5- User a needs another mod. (Go back to 1.) 6- User a goes bankrupt. (and has to turn to free BBs?) 7- User a would like to chip in to see some ideas get developed, but there doesn't seem to be a way to achieve this... I wish there was a mod like Michael's donation mod that would faccilitate some kind of mini-crowd sourcing to see smaller projects take off. Both the coding community and the comunity of IPB users would benefit from this...
  8. Corex & IPBForo

    I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to say. Could it be something like: If you keep getting this request from other users, you'll probably add it when IPB 4 comes out? (I've had trouble understanding other posts of yours: have you tried Google translate? no offence meant, English isn't my first language either)
  9. Corex & IPBForo

    Yeap, I agree with David, that would be awesome. I believe your "Crown" skin does that...
  10. Social Icons by IPS Themes

    Thanks. But it's weird. I'm editing line 40: /* Position: Floating */ .posFloating { position: fixed; top: 40%; right: 0; margin: 0; background: white; The last line is line in the codebox shown above is line 40, white background, which is the one I'm editing. I've tried changing that to blue for example, and I've also tried using the Hex code instead, but It won't change the background color for some reason and it always appears white.
  11. Social Icons by IPS Themes

    You know when you select the floating position for the icons, how would I go about turning the background to transparent rather than the default, which is white?
  12. Corex & IPBForo

    Wow! I'm very impressed so far. Quick question: You know the dotted image which goes over the header's image, would it be possible for a user to easily change this so that the dotted background doesn't appear on the text box?
  13. Betting

    I searched "ties" in the topic, but I'm still not sure whether ties are fully supported.
  14. Social Icons by IPS Themes

    Oh, I see. Thanks Clover. How would I got about changing that for images instead, anyone? Nothing wrong withe the fonts of course, it's just that on my site, images would look better.
  15. Social Icons by IPS Themes

    Where can I find the .png images so that I can perhaps make some changes? They're not in the public/styleimages/master dir.