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  1. Am I right in thinking that with the next major release of the IPS community suite, I will be able to mix and match which applications to install? I am only interested in the following: The core, ie - accounts and profiles IP.Content and IP.Nexus. Will it be possible to install those without the forum application as I will have no need for that?
  2. You're going to switch to vBulletin because of a shoutbox?
  3. Yes, 3.3.x says it will work with any 3.3 version of IPB. The x is a variable to show this.
  4. IPS don't transfer licences between accounts, unfortunately.
  5. Still alive there Lewis? :P

    1. Lewis P

      Lewis P

      Just. College = cry worthy. :(

      How've you been?

  6. Are you using the built in Q and A option?
  7. I have a question. What if the geo location hasn't already been set on your computer. Is there a way to associate it with IP.G?
  8. That doesn't mean anything! There are plenty of developers out there that know Jack all about anything and make a lot of money ;) On another note, IE will always feel like a child's toy to me. I use Chrome, and unless something as quick and easy to use comes along - I always will. :thumbsup:
  9. Hi Lindy! Thanks for the detailed update as to what is happening - I am sorry if I came across as rude in my earlier reply, I was just frustrated to not know what was going on! :shifty:
  10. hello ginger bread man, oh...i mean alex!

  11. So are we going to blessed with some information now? As all the hush hush is what is really frustrating! :thumbsup:
  12. Forgot to update this, I tried it on another windows 7 computer (Only this time a 32bit machine) and the software was upgraded successfully. Thanks for the help guys!
  13. I agree, I think it looks like an excellent little piece of software. Far from basic already and it is only in an alpha state! Looking very attractive for vB converts, I would imagine.
  14. Battery is full, i'm getting fairly frustrated with it now!