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  1. Message on Signup Screen

    Great, thanks for letting me know.
  2. Message on Signup Screen

    I would try the old 'support > something isn't working' option to clear the cache. if that doesn't work try updating it again with the same file and that might jog it into life.
  3. Security Patch?

    It's a pity you posted in the product feedback forum when you weren't offering any feedback.
  4. New: Complete Your Profile

    How will this work for users added by API please. Will this system still pick up that they have to complete the process for any outstanding info?
  5. Global Header Message

    Okay if you can't uninstall or install it as a new version I may need acp access to take a look. Can you PM me.
  6. Global Header Message

    Immediate guess is that the DB column didn't install correctly in the first place and the system therefore can't find it to uninstall it. Have you tried reinstalling?
  7. Send Customer data to Stripe

    Ca you clarify what it is that they are being strict about please? I currently use Stipe through different systems for selling memberships and event tickets and all of the other systems that I use send product information to Stripe. To date I haven't had any problems so I'm just wondering what it is that they have challenged with you? Thanks.
  8. New: Fluid Forum View

    What happens if you don't have the sidebar enabled on the default view. Will it appear with the filters if you you switch to the new fluid view and then disappear again if you switch back?
  9. New: Commerce Improvements

    As an aside, given that 4.2 isn't even out as a beta yet, the screenshots and updated theme are already looking really polished.
  10. Commerce: Calendar Integration

    Could you integrate commerce into calendar so that we can sell event tickets please
  11. Commerce: 'Featured Price'

    When a product has custom fields that are used to vary the price the the Commerce landing page show the price as being 'From £XX.XX'. However for some of our products this is a bit misleading; for example we sell event tickets where the main price might be £20.00 but children under 5 can attend for free. In these instances I would like the Commerce Dashboard to feature the base price of £20.00 and not the discounted price which is just for the under 5's. Can you give us the option to feature either the 'base' or the 'lowest 'price please. Also the a product is free the featured price shows as £0.00; I think this looks a bit odd so can you just display it as 'FREE' please. Thanks
  12. Commerce : Custom Field Name

    When creating Commerce Custom Fields can you give us the option for setting the ACP title (Field Name) to be different from the front-end title please. For example when setting clothing sizes I want the front end title to always say 'Sizes' irrespective of the product and options, but I the ACP I want to be able to differentiate by calling them 't-shirt sizes', 'trouser sizes', 'shoe sizes' etc. Thanks
  13. New: Commerce Improvements

    Brilliant, thanks for the Stripe improvements they'll make reconciliation much easier.
  14. Global Header Message

    V 1.0.8: Just done a quick update to add a couple of settings so that you can set a start and end date for the message to display.
  15. New: Downloads Index Page

    Looks really good, thanks @Daniel F