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  1. Could you bring back the the breadcrumb bar default activity stream link on this site when looking at the downloads/marketplace please. Many of the links in my default stream take me to the marketplace and it is frustrating that I can't just jump back to it without going via another page on the site to get the link back again. Thanks
  2. I agree and this would be fine if you could see the whole list or 'shift click' a batch of them; but having to click a few, then scroll a bit, then click a few more is just a pain. A far better system (IMHO) would be to have a 'deleted conversations' folder and have a bin icon against each conversation like we have with editor attachments. For each message you could then just click the bin icon and then empty the deleted items folder when you're ready.
  3. It would probably be a fairly easy hook to simply remove the 'continue without using an album' link or restrict it to selected groups.
  4. Did this ever get implemented?
  5. Based on a previous version by Adriano this plugin prevents users from uploading attachments to the Album and Image description fields. NOTE: If you currently use version 1.0.0 it is recommended that you uninstall this before installing 1.0.1
    I can't believe that his only has 8 purchases at this time. Who would not want this plugin? Works great and cheap at twice the price.
  6. Sorry. I meant without applying any of the IPS message formats. I just want to use an editor field to add a block of text with a bit of my own formatting.
  7. No an editor please.
  8. Can we have a plain wysiwyg option please.
  9. Excellent thank you.
  10. The default zoom level for Google maps for calendar events and gallery photos is set far to high (IMHO). The default map method can already handle a zoom variable but this isn't set in event.php and image.php. For example could: public function map( $width, $height ) { if( $this->location ) { try { return \IPS\GeoLocation::buildFromJson( $this->location )->map()->render( $width, $height ); } catch( \BadMethodCallException $e ){} } return ''; } ... be changed to: public function map( $width, $height, $zoom=1 ) { if( $this->location ) { try { return \IPS\GeoLocation::buildFromJson( $this->location )->map()->render( $width, $height, $zoom ); } catch( \BadMethodCallException $e ){} } return ''; } ... so that a custom zoom level can be passed in along with the map width and height please.
  11. Can all of the various Pages feed blocks please have an option to show ... featured pinned featured and pinned all ... posts / events / blogs / images / files etc. Thanks
  12. Having switched my main site to V4 a couple of weeks ago I have to agree the the messenger inbox could do with some improvement. Having a short list of messages may work okay on a mobile app where you can easily flick left or right to delete or pin, but on a webpage it feels really clunky. For example having to mark a little checkbox to flag something for deletion and then needing to click the delete button somewhere else on the screen is not a very easy user activity. Having now used the system for a few weeks I agree that a decent full-screen view of the folders and folder contents with the ability to drag and drop messages onto folders, including a trash can, would be really great please.
  13. When viewing the lists of Commerce products in the ACP can we please have an easy indication of which ones are set to 'show in store' and which ones are disabled please.
  14. Does anyone have any experience and feedback on using PhoneGap for their site?