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  1. I thought windows 3.11 was something, so if 3.1 is anything like that then...WOW!

  2. Sweet! Thanks for creating it and making it FREE!
  3. Very innovative like! Nice work!:)
  4. Looks like a homerun, all working now! Thanks DawPi!:)
  5. "Yes" I do and to add all guest posts are set to moderator preview, not sure if that matters.
  6. Have Version 1.0.2 installed I even commented out that block of code and still get the msg Ban when trying to post as a guest. If I disable the hook everything goes back to working fine. Where is the language file that it's pulling the word Ban from?
  7. I noticed that when this hook is enabled and a guest is trying to reply to a topic, they get the message "ban" that's all they get and they cannot post a reply.
  8. Like most of the members here I have downloaded uncountable software. The thing I never see is release dates for products that a company is working on, it just happens that they are cool enough to let us know about the upcoming improvements. It helps keep our interest and gives us something to look forward to but the caution in all of it is don't rush the improvements. IPB 3 is already a complete forum, a very complete forum software. The need for the next gadget will not improve our forums but I sure don't hate them, I like new functionality just like the next customer. IPB 3.1 has some very nice improvements coming and is quickly evolving but at some point we have to be happy with the work in progress for the next version. That is just my $0.02
  9. It's a beauty mate! For real make me want to fall in love all over again:)
  10. IPS, now this is cooking with gas!
  11. That will be an excellent feature, looking forward to it!
  12. Keep in mind once you get your traffic to a certain level you will need one very beefy machine to handle all the MySQL selects.
  13. Check your firewall rules, you may have blocked a large IP block and it must have been a long time ago, this is going on over 4 months I am not able to access your site.
  14. That is why I said loading your site bombs on me, it never loads, I cannot get on, all white screen, little load indicator spins round. I cannot get on to your site to even get the support, I want to but hence I cannot. Here is what it says "The connection has timed out". Is there another way?
  15. I cannot get on to your site and have not been for some time. I mentioned that before but never got a response, it just hangs and never loads. Can I get support another way?