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  1. what about IM messenger for conversations? now is 2014 year on the street, users prefer fast messaging, not old style mail.
  2. I have open-tag system, any user can set own prefix, but after mod install, user can't set first tag as prefix. There is no checkbox (to set first tag like prefix) in the post form. How to allow again?
  3. please add ability for administrator of open group to ban access for some forum users, which not in the group
  4. I didn't find solution, and I did so $_POST['ipsTags'] = "tag1,tag2,"; $_REQUEST['ipsTags_prefix'] = 1; $this->post->addTopic(); I will thank if somebody help to do it safely
  5. I think will be better make own small resized thumbs in the topics list, not from links like now. Sometimes images from posts are too large and load slow. p.s. on IE it looks not good
  6. doesn't add image from shared media
  7. rsyvarth, how to fix the issue with non-latin links and titles?
  8. rsyvarth, also one bug - In the 'Manage Navigation' when try to add a non-latin Title or Link - it has troubles, it adds something another. Need to fix. Also impossible to edit already added link - doesn't save it.
  9. rsyvarth, FURLs works fine, but I'm using nginx, 'q' request is used for URI try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?q=$uri;
  10. I have zero result in the groups list always. I researched a reason: $this->request['q'] have a part URI, example 'groups/glist/0-all/' the function showGroupList in lists.php has $groupCount = $this->DB->buildAndFetch( array( 'select' => 'COUNT(g_id) as count','from' => 'social_groups' , 'where' => $this->DB->addSlashes( $hidden2 ) . 'g_name LIKE "%' . $this->DB->addSlashes( $this->name ) . '%"',) ); as result it has query like: Select COUNT(g_id) as count from social_groups g_name LIKE "%groups/glist/0-all/%"; - of course it will be empty :question: :question: :question: so why needs a compare with 'g_name' in general when it's works better without it... I something don't understand why it for?
  11. rsyvarth, Hello, look at the screenshot. which positions of hook's files for loading must be? In this order it sends empty values of 'pageType'. Because of it are not closed div tags. For fix I changed order of hook's files in xml, but not sure, what it correctly, but now tags are closed. group_forum.xml
  12. still need for blogs, calendar and other mods, which use attachments and don't have resize function
  13. rsyvarth, feature request: tags, filter or category for the groups, which could classify groups to different discussion streams
  14. AndyMillne, Look - Sorry, no new content found. - Always!
  15. "View New Content" doesn't work for classifieds. Always is empty.