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  1. Version


    This app restores the old Help File Management from IPS 3.


  2. You can now add an image for each category.
  3. Works now on your site, now let me check i think i uploaded here the wrong file
  4. One with full access & the one you sent me will work
  5. Yes, email me at raw@invisionizer.com.
  6. Please try the new update I've just uploaded.
  7. Can you edit and save all cats to see if it fixes the issue?
  8. Prevents user from receiving a multiple of the same award.
  9. This setting has worked for many that use ipsfocus themes if it did not work you may want to contact the theme author as I can only support the default theme.
  10. This was one solution from a client at invisionizer.com Edit / Topic View / Topic Button Style and changed it to Standard (text links).
  11. Hello, Does the same happen on the default IPS theme?
  12. Were there any changes on Rules app or have you asked Kevin?
  13. Email me at raw@invisionizer.com for some reason this is not allowing me to post DB table structure.
  14. If you set Self Award permissions on ACP then users can award themselves from the + create menu on the front end.