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  1. I noticed a few issues & fixed, working with the latest version.
  2. Working on this.
  3. Hello, not at this time but i will work on this when i get a chance, is something that has been requested a few times.
  4. Both fixed on the next update.
  5. Sorry guys, i will be looking at all the issues these days and have a update.
  6. Hi, they can do this from the account settings.
  7. Working on this. Have updated the file again, please try again and let me know if the issue above is fixed. Bahh download again...
  8. @Unlucky, @maidos I have unsinstalled and installed at invisionizer.com and updated settings from 2 members 2 guests to 3 members and 10 guests and worked fine, is there any error showing on the error logs for you guys?
  9. You can do this using phpmyadmin. Will try deleting and installing again to see if i can get to the issues reported once i renew & download the latest version, has been working fine on my dev board for a few ips releases so i will need to try this.
  10. Try again with Bluto.
  11. Hello, An account is created once you purchase here, check the email used here at IPS.
  12. Sorry, though i replied to the pm you send me, i will be busy for the next few months and don't have the time to do upgrades, only fix bugs on the apps i already have, you may contact @newbie LAC, hes good doing these type of apps.
  13. Hi, I had the chance to upgrade my dev board and seems to be working fine, can you prune the sessions table to see if this fixes the issue?
  14. I apologize for being late to fix these issues, please try the new update.
  15. I don't sorry, only the images posted. Added bud, thank you for the purchase. Not at this time sorry, i barely have the time to work on my mods with my 2 jobs.