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  1. Glad the issue has been resolved :), let me know if you run into another issue.
  2. Fixed on @Chris59 can confirm. For the rest having this issue just delete /applications/awards/extensions/ContentRouter folder.
  3. You guys still have this even with the latest 2 versions?
  4. I have fixed this and should release an update soon.
  5. Hello, Where is it not showing on the navigation?
  6. Good job bro
  7. Also a good one https://icons8.com
  8. I noticed a few issues & fixed, working with the latest version.
  9. Working on this.
  10. Hello, not at this time but i will work on this when i get a chance, is something that has been requested a few times.
  11. Both fixed on the next update.
  12. Sorry guys, i will be looking at all the issues these days and have a update.
  13. Hi, they can do this from the account settings.
  14. Working on this. Have updated the file again, please try again and let me know if the issue above is fixed. Bahh download again...