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  1. it was a typo xD should be WOW!
  2. WoW, just WOW, cant w8 for the public beta xD
  3. [quote name='Real Hal9000' timestamp='1328626082'] Can we use the Facebook/Twitter buttons in our plugins in order to autoshare content from them ? +1
  4. YES! IPB 3.2 Beta 1... xD

  5. anyone else keep checking the IPB 3.2 preview site....? or is it just me xD

  6. niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! xD
  7. great news, thank you
  8. What's on my mind! Not alot at the mo! xD

  9. [quote name='Ran Yefet' date='26 April 2009 - 09:15 PM'] Thanks! that Awesome! Is that mean that when the RC is out, the Developer Docs will also Published? there out already here
  10. WOW, cant wait oh and the last link is broken too - hooks and plug-ins system
  11. the words "WOW" & "OMG" come to mind, still cant wait for the release! :)
  12. i like what i'm seeing in IPB3 so far... :)