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  1. Many thanks
  2. Hi, If you just send me a pm with the file changes etc I'm sure I can do it and it saves you time too
  3. Thank you so much
  4. Hello I'm hoping somebody can help me with this.... I would like to move the Awards tab in the ACP to the bottom as shown in the image below: Could anyone be so kind as to help me do this please? Thanks in advance, Andy
  5. Hi, I was indeed blind Thank you so much for your help!!! Andy
  6. Hi guys, Thanks for the help.... I have set permissions so that administrators can award awards for each award we have set up but I must be either missing the obvious or blind because what is this +Create you refer to? Could you attach an image showing it please as I can't find it. Thanks
  7. Could you be so kind as to explain to me how I award an award then as I can not see any means to do so? Thanks
  8. Edited as problem solved.
  9. Hello, I have just updated to the latest version of your excellent product and it has changed the way a post is shown on the main part of the portal so that the date format is a little weird. An image will show this better than I can describe it: Any idea how to fix this? You can see this happening on our website here - Regards, Andy
  10. Do you have a demo of Media System so I can see if I want to buy it?

    1. Azoun


      I shall take your lack of a response to mean you don't and buy an alternative add-on instead.

    Brilliant plugin and thanks for creating it!
  11. ​Waiting for an answer on this too but for 3.4.6
  12. I tested this on our site and it doesn't do it for our site. It works fine. I appreciate that this might not be relevant but wanted to let the developer know it works fine for others.
  13. This is showing as having been updated but it is the same version number. What has changed and do I need to install it again?