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  1. Invite System

    On a side note, I wonder how you sent me a PM 5 hours with this issue before you buy the resource here on IPS: Worst: using an old version (2.0.11). Current is 2.0.13. So you probably downloaded it elsewhere, with some modification and it screwed your board. Then you had to buy and ask for support. Funny, uh?!?
  2. Invite System

    Can you please stop sending PMs? You already posted 4 times here! Isn't it enough? The topic has a support topic, so there's no need to send PM. Send a PM with ACP credentials. I'll take a look when I'm available.
  3. Invite System

    Are you using 4.2? There's nothing in the error that indicates it comes from my app; plus, the error happens in search template, which my app doesn't cover.
  4. Invite System

    Post the content of the log error.
  5. Quizzes

    Ok, I'll take care of that for the final. In the meantime, run this query in your SQL Toolbox: update quizzes_quizzes set quizz_ready = 1 If you use a database prefix, add it to the table name (quizzes_quizzes).
  6. Quizzes

    I'm not sure what you want, honestly. Please be clear, otherwise we gonna stay all day long here exchanging replies. Simple: in 4.2, a member can submit 2397840219734012374017894897233148097231894789231943287 quizzes. It doesn't matter it you are admin; it doesn't matter he has submitted 2397840219734012374017894897233148097231894789231943287 quizzes. All those 2397840219734012374017894897233148097231894789231943287 quizzes will be playable ONLY AFTER the submitter clicks in the button to allow people play. What you don't understand? Have been saying that, what you mean with it: Are those EXISTING quizzes from 4.1? Be clear!
  7. Quizzes

    You are replying your own question: quizzes in 4.2 will be playable ONLY after the quiz submitter click in this button. It doesn't matter if you are admin or not.
  8. Quizzes

    All quizzes? No. This per quiz: After create the quiz, it will only be available when submitter add the questions and answers and click on it.
  9. Links Directory

    Some changes would be required. I'll take a look in a future version. 5.1.0 (for IPS 4.2) is already done and available to be downloaded in the support board.
  10. Links Directory

    In the support board. Version for IPS 4.2 is also available for download.
  11. Links Directory

    Are you reporting a bug? If yes, you know where the Tracker is.
  12. Version 1.0.1


    This plugin will display 2 letters in the profile letter, if the user has 2 names, like Adriano Faria. Examples: Setting: Exclude word: First letter from these words will not be used in the avatar. You can see above it excluded the "di" word. Note: This change does not happen automatically for users already registered. It will occur after they change their display name. Compatibility: IPS Community 4.2


  13. Searching by custom fields in IP.Downloads

    Welcome to the club: That happens with all apps that uses extra fields since 4.0.0. I really thought it would be in 4.2 bur it isn't. Funny because Clubs has a nice and simple solution to filter extra fields; it could be applied to the model. It filters records in the club view, something like the Pages database widget, which is a quick solution and works.
  14. Invite System

    Nope, not yet but I'll do soon as a step in registration.