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  1. Seriously, if you are going to post here, why send a PM? I will paste again as I think you didn't read it: Clear now? And no, I'm not aware of any edit to make that happen.
  2. No.
  3. Don't hold your breath. It is as it is since 2009.
  4. Batch Invitation on ACP. Public side, no.
  5. There's a plugin on marketplace, if you don't want to wait.
  6. The button does not appears on editor settings, unfortunately.
  7. Basically, he replaces part of a specific template for the content of his plugin, which kills any other to work there.
  8. The error is about missing email template. It's funny, because it works for some. This plugin will have to be converted to an app. I will need some days to make it. I think a week is fine.
  9. Ok. Send a PM with URL and ACP account.
  10. Sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about. Can you clarify?
  11. Does it work on default theme? Is this the first post?
  12. What's New in Version 1.0.1: IPS 4.1.13.X compatibility.
  13. IPS 4.1:
  14. About This File This plugin will require that members fill the birthday date on Register Screen and in their Profile. New accounts only will be registered if they meet minimum age requirement. Registered users won't be able to do anything else while didn't fill the date. Settings: Age bracket required Groups that must fill the birthday date (registered members) Message that will appear to the registered members (this is a translatable field, so you can type a different message per language).