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  1. Btw, is this the file? -- wrong file removed -- No, I see the one. Well, he says PM. You sent. He didn't supported. So email marketplace to demand a refund and leave a bad review (1star) in the file saying about your support expirience, with the screenshot. Probably someone else will think twice before buy the resource. Simple and straight... You don't need a carnival.
  2. Will do: lock the topic. Anyway, just a suggestion for the future.
  3. Well, it won't be me or John Doe or Mary Doe that will solve your problem here in the forums. If you have ANY marketplace issue, contact @AndyF directly or email Open a topic to throw someone in the fire to create a public spectacle can work for some time but it will always come back to you, anyway... Again.
  4. No plan for a near future, sorry.
  5. Example? Do you remember the $300 offer to make a member list topic? I tried but missed knownledge of the system, etc. So someone else did this and this that covers what the OP requested in the topic. I know he's an IPS staff because of old posts, althought he doesn't confirm.
  6. Someone else already did it. Search on IPS4 categories.
  7. Older versions are kept on Changelog, so no need to keep them in newest version.
  8. What's New in Version 2.0.5: Primary group: Added an empty option in group select so the user needs to pick one. Secondary group: removed the auto checking of first group in the select Secondary group: added new setting to make at least one secondary group required
  9. No. This is not a REFFERAL system.
  10. I used a core error (I'll change that), which gives you two possibilities here: - Error comes from my app: /* Force email address */ if( \IPS\Settings::i()->is_emailfrominvite ) { if( $values['email_address'] != $invite['invite_invited_email'] ) { \IPS\Output::i()->error( 'is_error_notsameemails', '2S129/1', 403, '' ); } } Cause: You're using the setting to make invited users to create the account using the invited email. Error: User are using another email. See: - Error comes from Core (Spam Service): /* Query spam service */ if( \IPS\Settings::i()->spam_service_enabled ) { if( $member->spamService() == 4 ) { \IPS\Output::i()->error( 'spam_denied_account', '2S129/1', 403, '' ); } } Cause: The user email or IP address is listed in some black list or are directly blocked by the IPS Spam Service, of consecutive attempts to create an account in some forum (yours or any other that users IPS Spam Service). To make sure in which case you are, please upload the following file to applications/invite/hooks: is_registerScreen.php If the error comes from my app (you are forcing new users to use the invited email), the error now will be: INVSYSTEM-WRONGEMAIL/1. If it still appears 2S129/1, then the user is blocked by IPS Spam Service.
  11. What's New in Version Fixed CSS error on Links Feed widget when used outside the Links Directory app
  12. As expected:
  13. Their site is back: Try again.
  14. The developer isn't always is the guilt. I'm at 4 minutes now trying to access their site ( Offline or something... only loading. Tried the app 5.0.3 on IPS 4.1.14 with Webthumbnail and as expected, works fine. Tried, error due to the site status. Watch the video: If you want to use another API, change the API to another one and simply reset all thumbs (by running the following query below) and the app will grab them on a new API, when you visit a category or a link: update links_links set link_image = ''