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  1. Article from Pages? No. Next version will have a new type of quiz: study mode. This mode has no time challenge and no score, so users will may take the time they need in each question. There will be a button to display the explanation about the correct answer. See it in action: You can paste the content of your article in this field on Manage Questions & Answers. I will release it later this week.
  2. Got it. Will take a look asap.
  3. Ok, let me know. I'm about to release a new version so if it has a problem, need to sort it before.
  4. Does it worked, @Unlucky? Still waiting the PM.
  5. The exception should've been avoided, I'll take a look, but take a look in what you're using as renewal price field in thr package. Feel free to send a PM with ACP access so I can check it.
  6. That's the only way, as far as I know and it is a core thing. My app uses the a core extension to store images, so unless the image isn't there, I have no idea why it wouldn't appear. Leave a message with ACP credentials and I'll take a look tomorrow in the morning.
  7. You need to change the location of all images (not only for Quizzes app) in your ACP -> System -> Files -> Storage Settings.
  8. Search for: \IPS\Content\Search\Index::i()->index( $record );
  9. Thank you. New version coming soon with some new features.
  10. Sorry, I'm on a mobile device, saturday night. Will take a look when I'm able tomorrow or monday.
  11. Just delete those spans. It was a test. Forgot to remove them. Fixed in next version.
  12. Test account deactivated on my support board. If you want to test it online, drop me a private message and I'll set-up a temporary account.
  13. I believe I will allow one image for each prize. Anyway, the description is an editor, so you can upload there and make it appear as you want inside the text. The initial ETA was now later Feb but due to a lot of things, including sickness, had to stop it for a while. So expect it for in march.
  14. @Dmitry Kuprin:
  15. I'll be honest... I'll need to talk to Raw about this. I would rather simply start another from the scratch.