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  1. No. This plugin uses a core feature from IPS4, forum selector in this case, so if something has to change, it's this "field".
  2. It has nothing to do with any theme setting. It extends the user link to add the flag, which works in any theme with any setting. Anyway, send a PM with credentials to your board and I'll take a look tomorrow. I'll enable this setting on my board to see how it goes.
  3. Blacklist: - Reminder: Still missing to work on CSS and add the link to change the password screen.
  4. Ok. I'll do it in next version.
  5. What is rooms ? Does it work on default theme?
  6. It's been developed as an app now:
  7. For those who want a referral system:
  8. I know the feeling...
  9. I have plans for this very soon but I won't give any specific ETA. People freak out when you lost it.
  10. ...for another app. Not this one. @DawPi had such app in 3.4. Maybe he can update it for those who want.
  11. No ETA at this time.
  12. Not possible. This is a COMMERCE stuff. Regardless your category, all currencies will appear in forms where the MONEY field is used.
  13. I'm using Chrome in iOS 10.0.2. Already deleted cookies from PC and phone. Keepa happening evertyime I swap between PC and phone.
  14. I don't believe. This is happening here on IPS in my account.
  15. What's New in Version 1.0.1: Added abilitity to copy event prefix and tags.