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  1. Not sure. Will check.
  2. As any other content item (topic, post, gallery images, downloads files, blog entries, etc.) accross the suite, only moderators can delete content. On 1.0.2, on beta test right now on my board, the advertiser will be able to set it as complete/sold, so no question, offer, etc. will be made in the advert anymore.
  3. Another downside of your decision: I don't see how people will get interested to keep testing Alpha/Beta versions. Probably a couple will keep doing so, but people won't bother anymore.
  4. Yes, it works: Usually my resources are updated if required (new IPS version breaks something), etc.
  5. Version 1.0.2 Beta 1 available for download on my support board. A lot of fixes and new features makes part of this version. Those who bought this resource can download it and test it. Credentials: URL: Username: same user name from IPS Password: your email on IPS I suggest you to test it first before you upgrade your online board. Please,report bugs to the Tracker: The automatic account was created on my board from Sep 14 onward, so if you bought this app before that, you won't have an account. Send a MP and I'll create an account for you, so you can downlod it.
  6. Yeah, it was. Fixed for 1.0.2:
  7. You mean the answer?
  8. Now is the ticket system that will probably take a long time to get a solution, since everybody will use it. Good luck to Tier I... And for us too. Since we won't know the existing bugs and probably will have one version per week.
  9. File reuploaded.
  10. Ok, I will reupload it within one hour.
  11. Follow the file so you'll get notified as soon as it get fixed/file updated on marketplace.
  12. There is nothing in the app that makes the screenshot wotks per group. It works for everybody when submitting/editing the record. As a test, try, as a member, to add the same URL added by the admin. It has to work.
  13. Do you got this message when trying to install it? Are you still using IP.Board 3.4?
  14. @Vladimir Bardiyan, send a PM with ACP credentials. Let me take a look in your install. I can't reproduce it in any of the 3 boards I use this app.
  15. @MikeFR, there was an error in task, that's why it wasnt renewing FREE submission adverts and was setting it as pending approval. I also made some changes on the Package form. It's more easy and clear to work with it now. I will release a new version probably tomorrow on my support board: You have access to it to make suggestions and report bugs in the Tracker: User: your username here on IPS Password: your email here on IPS You (and everybody else who purchased this app) will be able to download 1.0.2 Beta tomorrow to make some tests. If everythings goes fine, monday or tuesday it will be available on Marketplace.