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  1. No, sorry. Never used Xenforo.
  2. I only pay attention to the What's New block.
  3. It's just math! IP.Board 3.0 was released in 2009 IPS 4 was released in sep 2015 So it's pretty reasonable to find more resources to IP.Board 3. So obviously, old files has more downloads, reviews, etc. Someone else already requested to IPS to "filter" that blocks only for new stuff; couldn't find the topic.
  4. I will retest it soon.
  5. No. It stores the current topic only. If you edit and change, it's not stored.
  6. Just tested on 1.0.2 (my dev board) and I can't reproduce it. Approved it just fine on advert view and/or ModeratorCP: Anyway, I will release 1.0.2 RC 1 today later on my board. Please, download and test it and let me know if you still has this (or any other) iissue. Your account is created. Use your name here as user name and your email here as your password.
  7. You said that yesterday. I said that it's fixed for the next version. What else do you need? You probably bought it before I started to use the Marketplace API. I will create today later. Tks. Tks. All of this, except 1 is on 1.0.2. The advert will be resctived if the package has renewal. There was a bug, as Vladimir said twice, that wasn't renewing in a specific situation. I don't think renew manually is something I'll ever do; that's why there's this option in the package.
  8. Yeah, I forgot this. That's why there's a bug tracker. It's hard to track issues in a topic with so many posts. Can you submit this to my tracker? EDIT Already did: Next time, submit it to the tracker. Tks.
  9. In a future version. The idea is to choose any content item of the suite.
  10. That was already reported and fixed in 1.0.2. Package form had some changes. Regarding your PM, I will create your account within an hour.
  11. Not sure. Will check.
  12. As any other content item (topic, post, gallery images, downloads files, blog entries, etc.) accross the suite, only moderators can delete content. On 1.0.2, on beta test right now on my board, the advertiser will be able to set it as complete/sold, so no question, offer, etc. will be made in the advert anymore.
  13. Another downside of your decision: I don't see how people will get interested to keep testing Alpha/Beta versions. Probably a couple will keep doing so, but people won't bother anymore.
  14. Yes, it works: Usually my resources are updated if required (new IPS version breaks something), etc.
  15. Version 1.0.2 Beta 1 available for download on my support board. A lot of fixes and new features makes part of this version. Those who bought this resource can download it and test it. Credentials: URL: Username: same user name from IPS Password: your email on IPS I suggest you to test it first before you upgrade your online board. Please,report bugs to the Tracker: The automatic account was created on my board from Sep 14 onward, so if you bought this app before that, you won't have an account. Send a MP and I'll create an account for you, so you can downlod it.