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  1. It's here somewhere in this topic that this app will be rebuild from the scratch for IPS 4.2. IPS moderator are aware of this. If you can't wait, just file a refund request. EDIT: just edited the file description to make it more clear: Thank you.
  2. I won't add a screen with checkboxes, etc. I will add mutli member feature, so you will be able to add/remove more than one member per time. Next version.
  3. You mean on public side? Because you can do it on ACP with this plugin:
  4. I'll take a look.
  5. No problem. This is a template. Go to your ACP and change it to the way it fits better to you.
  6. I'll make some tests soon and will update the file, if that's the case. Tks.
  7. No. Which errors?
  8. For those who have this issue and doesn't want to wait for the next version, open classifieds -> front -> view -> view template and find: {{if $advert->container()->forum_id AND $advert->topicid}} Change to: {{if $advert->topic()}} Just remember to REVERT the template when you're going to upgrade to 1.0.4.
  9. I see. Thank you. I will reply as soon as I reach my PC to make a few tests. Tks.
  10. In this file description:
  11. I know what it is. Please, post in the bug in Tracker. Then I'll post a temporary fix. Thank you.
  12. Lack of space in sidebar is bad thing. Add one more line will make things look weird. I'll make a test.
  13. Not sure why throwing an exception. It show display the regular error message. Will change that. Anyway, the error is there and it is predicted. Do what it says: disable the limited edition. I can confirm this. Not the right person to support Rules, sorry. But anyway, is it working and showing "No reason provided." or isn't working at all?
  14. Tested on
  15. It's a bug in the core and happens with any 3rd-party app: