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  1. Have you read the instructions, as requested in the file description? You need to update cache in a tool on ACP. Anyway, send a PM with ACP access and I'll take a look in a few hours.
  2. As stated in the file description, yes, Commerce is required.
  4. Ok. I'll post asap.
  5. You said you took it In Tracker or I misunderstood? If not, I'll send later. Mobile device now.
  6. Yes. You can post the advert pointing to eBay, for example, thus the whole transaction can be done there. Then the advertiser can aet the advert as completed in the app.
  7. No. Payment gateway is an admin choice/setting.
  8. Oh yes, this is old... IPS changed to template to remove the controller=members.
  9. Just to make sure. I have the marketplace place running on my live (offline) board and everything works fine. Are you using the Beta in your live board?
  10. What you seem to ignore is that this is NOT the app you bought before. The other for IP. Board 3.4 was developed by Mikkey and was called QUIZ SYSTEM. Basically, I'm not Mikkey. And again, this is ANOTHER app. This one calls QUIZZES. Do you want help in Excel? Sorry, can't help you. When I said "create manually", I really meant to create manually. Open the twmplate in Notepad, for example, and paste your questions/answers.
  11. Yes.
  12. Of course, that's not what I meant.
  13. And that's the problem. No one, except them, does. So anything they say, it's said.
  14. I will provide individual fix for each stuff in the tracker but I really will wait for 4.2. All apps will have some changed to accommodate Clubs, for example, so new version will be 4.2 compatible. Will take a look.
  15. The app gives you the ability to create and manage them. It's up to you create content. Or do you have thousands of images when you buy Gallery? Or predefined topics when you install Forums?