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  1. Hi Tom. It has, as a 3rd-party resource:
  2. I start to belive that this is a Core thing. See the newest member now on the index widget: The only difference between them is the Member ID. The "real" Joel R is this: More, try to mention him, you'll got: More? Everything already reported.
  3. What's New in Version 1.0.6: Fixed guest permission error
  4. I'll retest it and will release a fix within an hour.
  5. Are you using multiple members? One only? Permissions were not touched. This bit of script is exacly the same from the other versions. Make sure your cat permissions are right.
  6. What's New in Version 1.0.9: New Features: Added ability to award mutlple members at same time (new setting - up to 30 members) New setting to remove requirement from REASON when deleting an award New setting to control number of awards that will be displayed per page in member profile tab New setting to display the member who gave the award in member profile tab Improvements: Templates reworked to make it more IPS4 styles Script optimization
  7. Version 5.0.5 Beta 1 is ready and will have the following new features/changes: 4.1.17 Compatibility version (Quick Tag Edit). Commerce integration Admin will be able to charge per link submission. There's a new tab on Settings for the Commerce integration. The price is set per category, so admin must use different values, if wishes. Paid Links won't appear on ModCP -> Approval Queues, so moderator won't approve them by mistake. They will be approved after the payment is processed by Commerce. Manual upload of thumbnail on link view: for those moments when the API is offline or the thumb isn't grabbed for some reason. Rework on category template for mobile devices to make the thumbnail larger More. ---------------------------------- Download: Bugs:
  8. Hi there. Yes, it is a requirement: It won't work without it. Submit a ticket to you host and request them to enable it.
  9. You already know my answer, Himadri.
  10. You probably had resources in IP.Board 3.4.X that added columns to your tables and they weren't updated/uninstalled, so those columns remain in your tables.
  11. What's New in Version 1.0.5: Removed requirement from member perform a login to the country be recognized. Now country will be recognized when the member is online.
  12. Now I'm able to post screenshots: Steps to follow: Buy the iAwards on Marketplace (you don't show as a buyer of this app, unless you have bought it in someone else's name) Do a FRESH install of the iAwards app After installed, go to Admin CP -> Awards -> Upgrade -> HQ Awards. Follow the instructions that will appear to you.
  13. Goooood.
  14. That would require a big change in whole "play" mode. That's something I really not planning tomdo for now, sorry. Anyway, keep doing suggestions. I will work in things like this when I'll need to add other types of quizzes, etc., where a rewrite would be necessary. I don't have a precise ETA yet, but something like 4.2, if it isn't so near.