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  1. +1 add us to the list of people who think this is a ridiculous behavior Invision should go back to the old v3 behavior where all files for a category were listed, including the ones in sub-categories. I would much prefer if Invision would listen to us and fix this rather than having to resort to using a 3rd party tool for this. 3rd party tools tend to break with time (and updates)
  2. Bought this a bit ago. Got it installed and it is enabled but how do I add this block to a page? I don't see it listed on the block manager. What am I missing? Never mind, must have been a cache issue. It just showed up under the block manager.
  3. Has anyone successfully upgraded a Invision 3.4.7 board to 4.0 beta 3? It failed badly with beta 2 and I read a remark that my issues would be fixed in beta 3. That was not the case. Once the upgrade begin I start getting missing columns from various tables. First one: I confirmed that this column is indeed not there. If I hit continue it will fall for similar reasons on dozens of tables.
  4. Has anyone had success with updating an existing forum from 3.4.7 to 4.0 Beta 2? I get tons of errors. First when converting members. We have 344,000 members and it would die with "An error occurred Location: Step 1. Application Core" about every 25,000 or so. I would click retry and it would start going again. Once I get through members went smoothly for a bit and then died again. These errors: Unknown column 'sys_module_admin' in 'where clause' UPDATE `ibf_core_modules` SET `sys_module_area`=? WHERE sys_module_admin=1 Location: Step 1. Application CoreUnknown column 'title' in 'field list' INSERT INTO `ibf_core_member_ranks` ( `id`, `posts`, `title`, `pips` ) VALUES ( ?, ?, ?, ? ) Location: Step 1. Application CoreUnknown column 'title' in 'field list' INSERT INTO `ibf_core_member_ranks` ( `id`, `posts`, `title`, `pips` ) VALUES ( ?, ?, ?, ? ) Location: Step 1. Application CoreAnd it keeps going from there. I have tried upgrading three times so far and same batch of errors at about the same time.
  5. [quote name='Black-Elmo' timestamp='1310811128'] Rates are 5.5% of the transaction total, plus $0.45. More information can be found at https://www.2checkout.com/documentation/op_regs_a.html That's huge. Way more than paypal or other cc processing companies. What do they offer than others don't
  6. Thank you for this. Had no problems following these directions.
  7. trying to have new versions working right