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  1. File Name: Simplicity File Submitter: Dirtbagz File Submitted: 18 Aug 2009 File Category: Color-Theme Skins Includes: Simplicity Skin Free Support on my forum http://www.AuthorityGFX.com./forum Click here to download this file
  2. Will do. Is there anyone there to respond to tickets?
  3. Sorry for that. And it just shows paid...when you click paid it shows info on the license I bought 2 years ago.
  4. I'm not sure where I should have posted this but I already contacted Invision's ticket system and have been waiting for a response. I think they are on holiday break so it's probably gonna be a while before they reply. They replied after my 1st question but have not replied back to my reply to them. I already have an IP Board, I purchased the license back in 2007, a standard license. Back in February of this year after my 6 month renewal was up I decided not to renew so my account then went inactive. Well right now as an inactive member I can't get new downloads, access parts of these forums, etc. So I asked what I would have to do to re-activate it...the lady that replied said I have to pay for the renewal which is $25. She said go to Invoices and it should show an 'Expired' section. I see no expired section...all it shows is the license I paid for 2 years ago under the category 'Paid'. What should I do?