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  1. it seems that the newsletter picks up and posts links to articles not yet published as in articles that have the publication date in the future
  2. thanks for the reply sendgrid is now integrated as well...
  3. hi are there any plans for sendgrid support? thanks
  4. This is a feedback topic in the feedback forum The aim of my original post was to pass on feedback to invision regarding what seemed to me were seo flaws While I would prefer to hear from the invision staff, I would like to thank you for taking the time to pass on your comments/views. Maybe it will be better to continue this discussion after a member of the invision team has replied to my original post thanks...
  5. really ? the error (imo) is having identical h2s stating 'x topics in this forum' in every forum if using the h2 then it should be forum specific or if not then left out... imo
  6. the original post was about h2 and h4 tags and seo for a forum index the h2 seo 'error' is fairly obvious to see, while the h4 not so much and is why I posted the validation link to assist with the h4 'error' the forum indexes seo could/should be a major part of the seo of any forum site and so the h2 at least should be fixed asp... imo
  7. see here the h2 element is ' 22,304 topics in this forum' all the h4's fail html validation and have errors reported would guess the two above can't help the forums seo
  8. the news section aint been updated in more than a month? whats that all about?
  9. this sounds similar to invisions approach to rss feeds - re-invent the wheel surely all you would need in pages to deliver amp content is a template that takes the already existing article content and then delivers it via a page in this format yep?
  10. having problems with notifications have sent a pm
  11. is there really a major difference between replacing a stopword with **** or replacing a stopword with <a href="">****</a> ???
  12. could this not be extended to provide a diy non-commercial version of vigilink ? automatic keyword replacement by a link or whatever just needs the keyword replacement extended so it can replace a 'stopword' with say a link should be very easy to do yep?
  13. thanks for replying bit of a shame but guess thats down to invision, it still sounds like a decent app that may prove its worth over time thanks
  14. sounds like a good app how do you pick up the previous last visits for all members? asking as never could find a way to do this or does it only start logging last visits from the day of installation
  15. no problems have now finally given up on this app turns out quicker to do it manually