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  1. no problems have now finally given up on this app turns out quicker to do it manually
  2. What's New in Version 1.1.1 See changelog Released January 10 10 months now since last update!
  3. its still 2 separate methods though and not very admin friendly imo surely the 'logical' and also the 'easiest' thing would be to simply allow the site owner to allow 'non-members' to submit tickets ? why has this not been done yet ?
  4. But and its a very big 'but' for me, non-logged in members can not use the support feature in commerce! So how do people get in touch who have joining or logging in problems without you having to setup and use yet another 'support' type 'contact' feature ?
  5. getting the same permissions issue here - any pointers ?
  6. news ?
  7. author said on on last page that this breadcrumb error will be fixed in the next release
  8. ahh just looked at the search index, new markers were in the search index but not the synced profile ones guess rebuilding the index will resolve it thanks for the reply
  9. a great release/upgrade having some minor issues 1. with the breadcrumbs - when 'browsing markers' the member map section of the breadcrumb goes to /forum/membermap/?module=membermap&controller=membermap instead of the showmap one and gives a 404 2. breadcrumb links cause the friendly urls not working correctly - connected to #1 above ? - displays /forum/membermap/?module=membermap&controller=showmap instead of /forum/membermap/ 3. search issues - membermap_markers_markers_pl - shows in the search options and no search results seem to be returned for info - I did have to increase my php memory to allow approx over 3000 markers to be cached, other wise got out of memory errors when the system was trying to build the cache files everything else appears to work great!
  10. any news on this ? thanks
  11. maybe turn off guest caching as well? not 100% sure if it affects the counter/ads
  12. seems all the rsvp download links in the calendar app use csrf keys and so produce many google search crawl errors due to ... The CSRF protection key did not match. This may indicate a plugin or theme is out of date. Please contact technical support for more information. Error code: 2S119/1
  13. '' => '', '' => '', any chance of getting the above services added into the oembedServices() function in parser.php ?
  14. if you click on the ip in the acp members list it should then take you to a acp ip info page which has a map showing location info etc ?
  15. if anonymous visitor then the ' last visit' on profile and popup cards could work better if it displays 'private' rather than the last time the member logged in non-anonymously as the last visited on profile currently can show members last visit as say 1 june 2014 yet can show posts/comments from yesterday which can be confusing to all as it is to all purposes displaying false information! also in acp the last visited also only gives the last visited when not anonymous - that can be a big difference if 'cleaning up' accounts