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    works as it should, however the version from 3 to 4 has a bug as the status update posts it from the actual member and not from the admin. So, it's almost like the member welcoming himself.
  1. Shame this wont work for me to have data from forum 1 to forum 2... this will mess up our targeted newsletters I dont mind wordpress getting them all but not forums sharing data.
  2. What does this mean, would data be shared from master to both slaves??
  3. IPWI looks interesting. if 1 had 2 IPB forums and 1 wordpress can I still link both IPB's to one wordpress?
  4. RSS images would be a great fix.. much needed
  5. since the latest update the RSS feed feature dissapeared
  6. thanks man.. was in same boat, but you made is 100 times easier
  7. any new son this... need this too!!!
  8. any reason why i cannot download patch?
  9. Hi Marcher, We run many websites, each with an IPB forum. We also have single Wordpress MultiUser installation. Each site has a Wordpress blog within that MU setup. We would like to use this plugin allow a SSO between Wordpress and IPB for each site and to give us access to latest forum topics on Wordpress, and have a couple of questions: Will the SSO be isolated for each website? So will there be many one to one relationships, one for each installation of IPB? Would we only need one licence as it is for one Wordpress installation? Thanks, Steve.
  10. i am at 3.4.3 and I cannot upgrade yet... will the patch still work?
  11. Pm search feature.. i have 1000,s and would be great to search for things ineatd of trawling.