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  1. ​I need this for youtube videos How do i accomplish adding a custom button to the editor? thanks
  2. hi can u pls share where exactly to go to correct the avatar not displaying? i'm having that same issue after upgrading to rc3. thanks
  3. i check few times a day... can't help it
  4. I prefer using the term "Friends" instead of "followers". For some reason for me using the term followers feels too serious
  5. when downloading the files directly through the IPS Clients area i get all the files when downloading through my site admin cp i get a small zip, missing files/folders Re-uploaded the 10k files and all works fine
  6. Instead of members click "Groups" > click members > Edit, there you should see a tab for blogs...
  7. the way i solved that same issue i had with my test site was to delete everything including database/DB-user/ips4-directory and then i re-created a clean database and DB user but i gave both a different name, then i uploaded the beta2 as zip through cpanel, that worked for me.
  8. I'm ready for 4.0! :-( if i read correctly according to News and Information i think the release date has been pushed out little bit:
  9. I’m so excited, this is really good news! :-)
  10. I corrected the BBCode for videos and it works. Thanks.
  11. hi, where can i change the number of news to display on the group home page? By default its showing 5 news, i want to change that to show only one on the home page and the rest on next pages. thanks
  12. Hi, is there a setting or a way to make videos auto re-size to fit only the content area when posting in social groups? The video breaks the template, see pic. thanks
  13. Is there a way i can add html code using the text block provided with sg? I'm trying to use social groups to create pages for DJs and i need an html block where i can add html code (like a chat room embedded), different for each DJ. Thanks.
  14. How can i limit group creation to one group per user? thanks