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  1. Oh my, When did this happen... 3.1?

  2. google chroming

  3. lol I logged a ticket yesterday and quickly closed it when I realised by logging out and back in again fixed it.
  4. Anyone that eats empanadas deserves to be on my friends list :D

  5. it comes with it mate. All you have to do is upload the files to your server ;), and then if you want to make your own all you do is replace it.
  6. EDIT: oops already suggested. ... and so everybody's happy. THE END.
  7. Are you an actual "active customer"?, I don't doubt you are, I'm just wondering why you're not in the group. You need to be to log a ticket through the client. While we're on the subject, the performance on my site increased after upgrading to 3.0.2
  8. lol I was just wondering what had happened to the update since we hadn't heard anything for a while and thought I'd try and swap back to this skin, and as the screen refreshed, I saw this topic!.
  9. stars are brought just once..:)
    I have none..:P
    do not try to give me, you cannot

  10. There you go * * * * *

  11. How about I give you a 5 for making me smile, and IP-Duo free for you and everyone, but I email it to you personally? :P
    Big Hugs! -Sherri

  12. Of course I meant *stars* :D

  13. How many start would you like?. How about 5 and I get IP- Duo in return :P

  14. well done to all involved, specially the winners!.
  15. I'm not really sure what it is any more, it does look like people are using it as a "shoutbox" whether that was the intention or not. PS i'm all for ajax myself :P