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  1. Interesting, could you elaborate on this donation goal linking to products thing? I'm not sure what it could be used for.
  2. Aren't all the 3.x discussions in their own forums and new ones were created for 4.x?
  3. Security Patch?

    To be fair, security fixes used to be free and it's reasonable to want fixes to security problems on your site.
  4. On this site, the blog widget on the sidebar that lists the new blog entries automatically takes you to the most recent comment even if you haven't read the original blog entry. I'd like to read the blog entry before jumping to the comments.
  5. I think he's wanting either a custom option for generating product keys or a way to only have a finite amount of digital goods available for purchase.
  6. Frustrated with support time

    I had a ticket marked low priority make it's way into the management queue and it took less than 3 days to get a response (which was just now actually).
  7. New: Downloads Index Page

    Nice, look forward to it. A question though: Why not just make the downloads area 100% widgetized so we can customize it more?
  8. I have a couple suggestions regarding Commerce. 1a) Donation goals should reset on an interval (monthly interval probably a sane default). Reasoning being that the current goal system feels like it's designed for fundraising for charities. That's cool, but there are other communities (like mine) who take donations to fund game servers that players enjoy. 1b) At the very least, it should be easier to add a System Task to reset the "Raised Amount" on an interval. (Manual system task that is, like you could in 3.x, but can't somehow in 4.x ) 2) Maybe products could get a "pay what you want" option when setting a price for a product. I came up with this as a possible workaround to the above if goal resets, but was sad it didn't exist. Minor suggestion, but worth mentioning. I know there's 3rd party addons that handle donations for the above #1 idea, but I like to keep my use of 3rd party addons to a minimum if needed.
  9. Hi, I have a posts feed widget on a page for a game on my site. The posts feed widget doesn't have any sort of applicable filter for tags and thus we're having to use a separate forum for news on this page. We want to run a single forum for all of our news to de-clutter the forum (something I've been working on over the last 1.5 years). Thanks, Zack
  10. The ability to use a different storage configurations on a category basis. I'd like to have a downloads category be set to use another storage config/location for use on another server. It doesn't appear possible right now, unfortunately. But would it be possible for us to have this as an option?
  11. IPB has slipped

    That's actually what I got too.
  12. IPB has slipped

    Not sure why, but this doesn't work for us. Last time I tried it (a week or so ago), the ACP 500-error'd when it got to the conflicts url.
  13. I feel this is an oversight when the record feed widget was made, but you should be able to filter records by category (or "all") like other places have the option to. In the screenshot below, the only filter options are generic database things that don't help with what I'm trying to accomplish; the other options include the generic "pinned," "featured," etc filters. The database 'Server Rules' has categories for each game server we host so I'd like to have "Game A" rules on one page, while I have "Game B" rules on another.
  14. I posted a similar topic that was super vague in hindsight, with a follow-up question that wasn't answered (probably simply lost in the feeds here heh). Anyway, Is there any documentation for setting up a gateway provider for WHM/cPanel that only creates FTP accounts on an existing user? Thanks in advance.