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  1. I feel this is an oversight when the record feed widget was made, but you should be able to filter records by category (or "all") like other places have the option to. In the screenshot below, the only filter options are generic database things that don't help with what I'm trying to accomplish; the other options include the generic "pinned," "featured," etc filters. The database 'Server Rules' has categories for each game server we host so I'd like to have "Game A" rules on one page, while I have "Game B" rules on another.
  2. I posted a similar topic that was super vague in hindsight, with a follow-up question that wasn't answered (probably simply lost in the feeds here heh). Anyway, Is there any documentation for setting up a gateway provider for WHM/cPanel that only creates FTP accounts on an existing user? Thanks in advance.
  3. Something like reddit's "Mod Flair" would be nice so you could highlight in that way.
  4. All that we ever ask for is an option on the category to "Show sub-category files inside this category." This is rather annoying on our downloads site because we have tons of categories. Although I admit to category bloat, this default un-configurable 'feature' isn't wanted.
  5. Unless there's another way besides using 'external link,' a way to add forum links to the navigation so URL's are updated automatically. You can do it with Pages. Something similar could be worked out for Forums with a drop-down menu for selecting the forum you want to link. Include options of respecting forum 'read'/'view' permissions for showing the menu item. Similarly, allow us to select the Downloads app for a menu option with a drop down listing all of our categories. edit: Loosely related, allow selecting icons for menus (or a custom css class to apply to the menu header for the icon).
  6. How about an option to have transparent moderator actions? The idea would be like github issues/pull requests: Reasoning: General openness depending on the community wanting to know what the staff are doing. Useful for deleting/hiding a post. Textual example: For hiding a post, the log could read like: "Post by [x] has been hidden by [y]" (no reason given) or "Post by [x] has been hidden by [y] for: [z]" (reason (z) given)
  7. response? :'( At this point I'd be happy for a tutorial/documentation on how to have a hosting product be FTP only on a WHM server. Even if it requires programming.
  8. Is there documentation on modifying/duplicating this?
  9. My use case is entirely specific to me. All I was suggesting was an API for adding support for custom/different hosting control panels other than WHM/cPanel.
  10. Suggestion if it's not already possible. Not sure if this the right place for this topic too. Is it possible to add server types via a plugin for managing a server and creating accounts? Obviously the implementation of the API would be up to me, but still. My end goal/use case would be to manage sub-directories of a domain on a Linux server with a disk quota for the directory.
  11. Had the idea tonight wishing groups could have a frontend management option for users to be added to groups. Like, maybe groups could have certain members within a group (ie: a group leader) could have a special modcp area to manage group membership. Maybe other groups have management capability of other groups, like a 'senior' moderator vs. 'regular' moderator. I'm aware of a 3rd party app called Collaboration or something that offers similar functionality in a sub-community fashion.
  12. Sorry if this was suggested before. Pages should have a full breadcrumb tree if they're inside folders. It doesn't make sense to see "Home > [page name]" in the breadcrumbs view. For instance, I have a page called "mapratings" inside a hierarchy of folders: [site root]/games/renegade. The breadcrumbs should read: "Home > Games > Renegade > Map Ratings"
  13. We actually have ran prize contests in the past. We haven't recently for some reason though. Also welcome @Izaya Orihara
  14. URL: I'm looking for some feedback on my community and how I could try to get more activity. It sorta feels like we're on life support. Not sure if this is the right forum. We're an old community that's seen splits through the years because there's quite a bit of drama in our main game we host (C&C Renegade). And there are only 2-3 big communities left for this game (mostly due to age of game). I recently went through the forums and cleaned up the category bloat we accrued over the recent years and consolidated a lot of it to be simpler, even if that means expanding the forum length.