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  1. Wonderful ! (w00t) Thank you for the information.
  2. Hello, It would be nice to have a new type for custom profile field : URL In 3.4.x, if you want member fills out a url in his profile, you can only use the input type and to display it, use this sort of code : <span class="ft"><a href="{content}" rel="external">URL</a></span> With this method, there is a problem if member does not put 'http://' at the beginning. Eg. In forum topics, if you click on 'URL' link of this member, you browse http://yourcommunityurls/topic/63651-one-topic/ If we can have a url type instead of input type, IP.Board can fix automatically the 'http://' forget and the link in topic will be not broken. Another improvement with url type is to have a clickable link for this field on user profile. I hope this improvement can be do for 4.0 release. Best regards Yann
  3. These news are a very good things. They are long overdue for francophones. Thanks for your great job
  4. Amazing ! This looks very nice and it will be easier for new developpers. Good job
  5. Thank you Ryan for your job. It would be nice if a futur release add the ability to search IP.Downloads files to the Mass-Add Tags/Prefixes tool.
  6. Hello, It would be nice to add the ability to set the Minimum tags per item parameter per forum / IP.Downloads category / IP.Content database.
  7. Thank you Andrej for the publicity. :)
  8. Nice. Did you plan to add reputation sort key in member list, as post count and join date ?
  9. Each point seems to be a little thing, but these improvements are great ! Good job. :)
  10. Nice modifications, good job.
  11. It's a great improvement!
  12. Very interesting article. Thank you Brandon.
  13. Arg ! I'm following some content but notifications did not set in my profil...

  14. french translation of IP.Board 3.2 is in progress