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  1. Whether or not it works on the default theme is irrelevant, as I am not using the default theme. If the answer is "it works on the default theme so too bad", well then too bad for me I guess.
  2. When I have this mod enabled, I get this error: [[Template forums/front/forums/topicRow is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] This is likely due to either this mod being out of date (I am running, or my custom skin is making this mod not happy. Any ideas? Otherwise I would appreciate a refund. Thanks Cain
  3. any chance of getting this to work for the mobile skin?
  4. couple of feature requests: - allow to set group_id so that the banned member group doesn't have to be named "Banned". - allow the topic and post scans to honor the "number to scan" setting or whatever it's called...or give them their own settings. doing 50 posts at a time is awfully slow when you have millions.
  5. I have to apologize here...I have had 2 mods previously that didn't work at all and I wasn't able to get refunds. When this one didn't work right out of the gate I immediately, and very childishly, posted here all pissy about it. Mea Culpa. I knew this had been around a while and once I calmed down and started going through code, it occurred to me that maybe your mod requires the banned group to be named "Banned"...since mine wasn't I changed it back, and now it seems to at least be doing something. Though I changed some other minor stuff as well trying to prod it into working. Previously it would scan all the thousands of members I have in like less than a minute then report nothing found. Now it has populated members and IPs, and is currently going through the 3 million posts on the site. If I still have problems I will post again, but otherwise please accept my apology and remove the review I put in as well.
  6. except there are...I was able to manually find some <_< - I assume that means I just wasted $25, nice.
  7. Uh, just dropped the money on this, and it's not finding anything at all and I know there are banned members with new accounts. sooo yeah, a little help please. my assumption was it would parse the 1500 banned members I have and match it up to active users. is there something special the banned member group needs to have to make this work? what I mean is, what constitutes a "banned" member, what is your software looking for to determine that?