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  1. It would of been nice to have a facebook style forum feed section on the forum, showing latest topics and images, accessible from a forum header link.. This would be great.. An ios/android app for easy image uploads would be great also..
  2. Is this still being maintained, is there a way to search duplicate accounts yet?
  3. Can we not got a facebook style message service that would be cool
  4. Can't wait for the fresh release of IPB4.0 , come on, its been an age!! (w00t)
  5. But I still want them to be able to see the duplicate registration attempts in the MOD CP, if I set this to administrators it removes this.. Set to Administrator > No Mod CP Fradulent Registraions Shown > Also No Fraud Access Attempt Link At Top OF Forum Set to Moderator > Mod CP Shows Fraudulent Registrations > Fraud Access Link Is Shown (When clicked takes to admin ACP login) So basically the Link showing fraud access attempts at the top of the forum, should not be shown to moderators, as its pointless as they have to be administrators to view it...
  6. When a duplicate account it found on the forum, how do I prevent moderators from seeing the notification link at the top left of the forum, that takes them to an Admin ACP login they cannot access...
  7. I logged in on random work computers, no one else uses my forum here... I was logged into IPB, when I visited the wordpress side, I was shown as a different user... This happened again on another computer, yet I was shown as another different user... I have no explanation and it doesn't happen all the time, just on occasion..randomly..
  8. I've noticed a few times when logging in from different computers that random members are shown as being logged in at the top of the wordpress page, when no one else uses these computers and really it should be my username shown only... weird!
  9. Installed it on my board and received this error straight away.. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 32 bytes) in /home/mysite/public_html/forums/ips_kernel/classDbMysqliClient.php on line 471
  10. Sorted above problems.. Now I have an issue with it just saying connecting in my browser tab and hanging the server up?
  11. I've got this working now sort of witht he help of Marcher. Another couple of problems When I login now wordpress recognises my forum username and logs me in, I can no longer log in with my old wordpress admin account. My wordpress access now is limited, I do not have all the full admin options now logged into it as my IPB username, how can I sort this? Also Is there a way to prevent member logged into wordpress through the bridge from seeing the edit user profile link which takes them to a wordpress error page?
  12. Details Sent
  13. My site is screwed cannot even access the home page now Can you take a look?
  14. This is not working correctly on my install... :sad: Just hangs up... Also I cannot even access my wordpress admin now, it says invalid user?