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  1. My board is in spanish and its related to everything about Puerto Rico.
    Great skin! Will it work with version 4,1?
  2. Thank you. Do you know where do I fix that? Fixed already/ I dont get a twitter error. Can you explain what you get.
  3. Well here is my website, would like grid style in the front page, but will wait until something comes available.
  4. Very nice!! Is Featured News the same as Featured Content?
  5. Thank you! working now...
  6. I have tried this and it wont work. This is what I get. {Country}: {flag icon}
  7. Hi Steve. I get a blank page with the error EX0
  8. I did exactly this and I got an error. Dont know what I did wrong...:(
  9. I love your site, I noticed that you are using the default skin modified, could you share how to change the colors? Thanks
  10. I am trying to put a link of one of my forums
  11. What link should I put, have tried a couple but nothing happens.
  12. When installed I get and error and my board does not open. So I had to dissable it. I have 4.0 and downloaded the 1.02 Any help?
    Not displaying
  13. Where in the ACP is this setting?