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  1. I disagree with this statement. A lot of my users are not comfortable giving out their phone number and prefer using Google Authenticator. While it may be an "easier setup" in the short term to use SMS 2FA, there are some serious downsides. Text messaging is not always instant and requires network signal to receive. Depending on where you live, it may take anywhere from five minutes to an hour to receive an SMS text containing your two factor code. You are quick to use PayPal as an example of why SMS 2FA is a better solution. However, this is the same PayPal that allows you to bypass 2FA with SECURITY QUESTIONS. Security Questions are the ultimate weakest link when it comes to overall security strategy, they're infinitely worse than passwords. In fact, most of the time, they're literally extremely weak and often unhashed/unencrypted passwords. I have used IPB since 2007, and I recently renewed my license because I like the look and feel of IPS Community Suite 4 and feel it will fit wonderfully with some of my projects. But, lack of 2FA on the front or back end is a serious problem. I as an administrator also do not want to pay a third party to SMS my users their codes, and would rather just tell them to setup Google Authenticator.
  2. Please add integration with the economy modification.
  3. Is it possible to hide the awards tab, with it still being functional as a system? Need to know before I buy.
  4. Nevermind, fixed.
  5. There are still glitches with this skin related to the 'users browsing this forum' feature. I have replaced this section of the skin's code with the one from the IPB default skin, as followed: <if test="showactiveusers:|:is_array( $active_user_data ) AND count( $active_user_data )"> <div id='forum_active_users' class='active_users stats_list'> <h4 class='statistics_head'>{parse expression="sprintf( $this->lang->words['active_users_titlef'], $active_user_data['stats']['total'] )"}</h4> <p class='statistics_brief'>{parse expression="sprintf( $this->lang->words['active_users_detail'], $active_user_data['stats']['members'], $active_user_data['stats']['guests'], $active_user_data['stats']['anon'] )"}</p> <br /> <ul class='ipsList_inline'> <if test="hasactiveusers:|:is_array( $active_user_data['names'] ) AND count( $active_user_data['names'] )"> {parse expression="implode( ', ', $active_user_data['names'] )"} </if> </ul> This fixed the problem.
  6. Contact me as UlvWolf on AIM or Wolvenize at Skype if you need more testing :)
  7. 1. Masked URLs reveal member ID. 2. It seems that point addition does not work with IBEconomy. Do I need to specify the prefix or is this done automatically?
  8. Hello. Can you add the feature to notify the user that their message was flagged as spam via PM?
  9. Consider integrating this with IBEconomy so you can be charged for creating teams and so team creators can charge users a membership fee
  10. Forum View > ForumIndexTemplate You have Which should be:
  11. This is a very neat idea for a collaberative writing/roleplay site - and for many other types of forums. I support it.
  12. I believe that it should be added as an option to have a captcha on the report form for guests, just as it is for "forgot password", and other functions that can be abused by automated programs. This would (ideally) be able to be enabled/disabled in settings, like any other options in IP.Board. I currently have the ability for guests to report posts turned off, mainly because if I don't, spam bots will (and they have before I turned it off) fill in the report form with spam. I for one would love to be able to turn the ability for guests to report posts on, with the CAPTCHA option so I don't have to worry about spam. My community exists just as much for reading as it does posting, and there are many 'guests' who read posts every day, but never register because they don't intend on posting... these 'guests' are just as much of the reason I started the community as the members are.
  13. I respectfully disagree. As a PHP developer myself, if I desired two-factor authentication, I would (easily) be able to create a modification with similar functionality for private use on my board. I feel that, despite the specialist market this application will appeal to, 45$ is a bit too expensive; IPS' addons are priced similarly, and represent a much more significant amount of time & effort for coding and testing; they are well-worth the price. Again, if I could pay 15$ to save some development time for something like this, I would, but I really feel that 45$ is not a fair price to ask, and may even be taking advantage of the community. Granted, it is a much cheaper option for boards that don't have a developer on staff rather than hiring a custom coder; but if a board requires this much security, chances are; they have someone on-staff that could handle such a feat. Again, I feel like it may be taking advantage of the community and the market to charge so much. I'm really sorry if I sound like a total jerk; but I simply don't see it appropriate, comparing this to other modifications, to charge 45$ for it. You'd have much more sales if you cut that in half, even.
  14. Please make this compatible with Stop Spam Registrations, or refund my money because I can't use it. Thanks.