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  1. Then, it would probably be good for Pages. If we could have the possibility to follow some steps: - a guide to create a news database (such as the recipe guide) - then activate AMP for this section of the website.
  2. How about making invision board pages compatible with Google Search guidelines for AMP pages? It could be an improvement.
    Awesome! I definitely recommend it!
  3. This feature used to be some time ago...
  4. What happened to this suggestion? I find it very useful
  5. The downloads section has a lot of room for mobile friendliness improvement. Here on ips, this plage is frequented by us, the members mostly on pc's and laptops, due to the possible need to download a file and install some plugins, this section can be easily overlooked. In fact it's very useful for my community as i'm not serving files as plugins but rather pdf's which are definitely a format that any handheld device can handle. So please, update the css files to be both more mobile and eye friendly.
  6. It seems that i'm not the only one with the desire to filter topics
  7. is the project on GitHub working?
  8. Here is another suggestion to improve Advanced Tags and Prefixes. I came across this when i wanted to reorganize my downloads section. Having the possibility to add tags and prefixes to files, i would like Advanced Tags and Prefixes to work differently on the downloads section of the community. Adding the tag cloud on the right side it should show me only the tags used on the downloads section. If this is not possible, then having an option to show only selected tags would also work. ---------------------------- This suggestion could apply to forums also. Having the tag cloud visible on the right side of a forum, not all tags are relevant for the viewer. The viewer is interested in topics from that forum only, but in that forum there are only a number of tags used. Could it be possible for the app to display only the tags used on that forum? ---------------------------- Another one It would be great to extend the Advanced Tools in the admin to be able to find and tag content in Downloads section and why not Gallery as well. IP Downloads is capable of both tags and prefixes.
  9. @Ryan H., you are awesome Thank you for adding the exclude tag option
  10. The new tag cloud function is quite cool is it possible though to add the feature to exclude one or more tags from the cloud? In my case there are tags that i do now want to show or filter by. For example, expired classifieds.
  11. As far as i can see, the invision power community uses Amazon SES for sending email answers to clients on support tickets. I haven't checked if emails from the board come through Amason SES as well.. but it wouldn't surprise me
  12. I'm actually running ipb 4.x... and i wrote in the wrong topic.
  13. @Ryan H., another question. Can you adjust the tags and prefixes functionality for the downloads section as well? On my forum i have a ton of downloadable manuals that need to be tagged and more easily searched after. I have them structured in many categories now, but i don't really like the way they are organized. It would be way easier to sort them after tags and prefixes.
  14. @Ryan H. meanwhile... i copied the html of the tags from the frontpage and inserted them in the forums description with a css class to hide it on the frontpage voila! it works like a charm ( Although this is a quick fix that came to my mind as soon as you answered.. later... i see this functionality working even better, here's how: In the forum topic list, those tags in the description could filter the topics on the spot through ajax. I believe i mentioned this sort of filtering in another suggestion.