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  1. Even with the header sent through smtp or php mail, you can find in my post above the difference of 2 emails. From other newsletters / informal mails a message appears and i can unsubscribe directly. From invision power this does not appear. It's not a bug, it's just a nice feature missing and probably appreciated by yahoo and gmail.
  2. Although the notifications from invision board have the 'list unsubscribe' header, the emails do not appear like in the first screenshot i attached. I cannot directly unsubscribe from emails from the default mail app on IOS
  3. Then, the integration with Sparkpost is not complete. Further steps need to be made to add the list unsubscribe header. In the sparkpost documentation, it's explained how to add it... but this still needs to update the invision board community. I did not find anything in Invision board documentation on how to set it up.
  4. Bulk emails sent through sparkpost, a community enhancement do not include the list unsubscribe header. Notifications may be different, but the list unsubscribe header could also be present, opting the member out of those type of notifications.
  5. I noticed that many emails i receive from various newsletters or notifications, they have a header to automatically unsubscribe. See the attachment. I use the default Mail app on latest IOS. I think it would be great to have this list unsubscribe header included in all notifications and newsletters sent from the community. Also, i'm using Sparkpost now for regular notifications in the community. A guide to make sparkpost include these headers in emails would also be useful.
  6. Adriano, sorry for the 'bad' tone i used in my answers,i really do like the app, and see it's potential... what i'm trying to say, is that you did a great job and i'm looking forward for future improvements The UI could be improved ( you know it ) and probably will be..
  7. It makes sense to automatically resize any icon i upload. Make it user friendly, not geek friendly. Of course i know hot to resize photos, but it's not friendly to make me open a photo resize app, check the proper dimensions, add a proper photo.. etc. Just let me upload whatever i want and resize it properly. Thank you, i am aware of that, still, this should be fixed. Images could be resized through css. If i use a large resolution screen, bigger images can be displayed, otherwise, smaller. You really need a designer to make this app look good. It has such a potential. Not sure I follow this. The answers are marked by a circle, a select box. Put a numbering on their left side, as users prefer. Numbers (1,2,3) or letters (A,B,C..) I prefer letters.
  8. I just purchased the app... Adriano, you still have to improve the way quizez are displayed and images uploaded. - I created a quiz, uploaded a photo to it... and... the image is not resized, or properly arranged in the category image - The images for questions are also not resize, or properly arranged. The answers could also be named A, B, C... to make a point. It looks really bad For now... i'm not satisfied by the app... It may have cool features, but the design lacks a lot of love.
  9. Cool, finally the feature with images on quiz questions is available Can these images be imported throught the import / export tool? Do you have any plans to add multiple correct answers? (I want to use quizes for drivers license tests, which, here in Romania some questions have multiple correct answers. If the user fails to check all correct answers, the question is considered failed)
  10. Sorry Adriano, my bad if i missed it. i'm checking replies on a hurry from the phone. Ok, got it
  11. It's nice that the quiz can have an image imported... However, i was referring to adding an image to questions in the quiz. Can this also be achieved in a similar way? Some questions (actually most of them) in motorcycle questionnairs for taking the drivers license have images and based on them users must answer the questions
  12. That would be great... to have questions with images and also be able to import / export / update them will the import allow us to update questions? The update could be possible after exporting (the export can contain an id for questions), if we use the same id, the questions can be updated P.s.: of course, reference images through an image url
  13. Does the xml import / export support adding images to quizes?
  14. How about multiple correct answers? if they are not all marked during the quiz, no points are received. is the quiz able to display photos? I intend to use it for motorcycle license questionnaire
  15. Great news!