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  1. Just an update it was somehow hard coded into the Main skin, this has now been removed ;)
  2. OK Will do :thumbsup:
  3. Ok I have deleted the files from the server and I have re cashed the skin ect and the above picture is a screen shot of what is still showing SO it must have them...a life of its own!!!! BUT its still there, this was showing before I updated the software but not showing in the Admin So I re installed this and then I get a double showing of the above.
  4. nope tried that and there still there
  5. Hi guys I have just updated my forum software and I could not access this in the admin menu so I re installed it and now I have it showing again :thumbsup: BUT I have the old one that I cant change showing and have had to uninstall again please some one help and advise me on how to remove the old one ? I have re-cashed the skin which is default.
  6. This is a great idea but i see that it has NOT been answered since the 4th Dec and its now the 17th hummmm I would like something like this for my forum but need to know what is happening with this one 1st. DawPi do you have an answer PLEASE?
  7. Humm I see that but image is very small only 13pix if I wanted to change this to text what would the code be please ?
  8. 4th image i did explain top menu
  9. along the top sorry for my explanation if you look at you screen shot for this Member Notes 1.2.1 you will see then FORUM - MEMBERS - GALLERY - Tell a Friend - ect ect
  10. Hi I have to agree this is the only thing that is stopping me from getting this mod (really nice by the way) is there any way to add this to the top menu ? if so can you assist ??
  11. Hi Dawpi, I am thinking of getting this mod but have a few questions, if I may as I understand you are very busy. if I install this mod is it only invited people that can then join the forum? if there is a problem after I get the mod how long before you can assist ? Regards
  12. yes I do so is it the full url that would go in there {your badge code here} or just part of the url ?
  13. Hi Mike, that could be something i could look at and would possibly work BUT not been a coder I would not know where to start or what to change ??
  14. Hi Loren, thanks for the tip, works great fro members but if you have moderators that want to sponsor the site you cant do it this way as they would be upgraded to the new sponsor group and would not be seen as moderators then. If anyone can suggest another way or a way to add to badges ?
  15. Hi Guys can some one point me in the right direction? i just cant seem to find out how to enable this and i am running ver 3.4.4 and would like the answered tag to show