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  1. Job Board App ?

    Also interested.
  2. 4.2 Gallery

    I logged a ticket with support. All this time I was thinking it was missing functionality. I don't get it. The members own the albums in a Category called Members. Permissions are wide open on the Category for those groups.
  3. 4.2 Gallery

    Members can create albums.
  4. 4.2 Gallery

    Hmmm. They don't have access to those controls. Only Set as Profile Picture.
  5. 4.2 Gallery

    For members? Where?
  6. 4.2 Gallery

    Will members have the ability to set an album cover? I did not see the option in the 4.2 Preview.
  7. Thanks for testing 4.2

    Thanks @Charles and everyone on the IPS team! I am anxious to roll this out to my community.
  8. New: Clubs

    Can you do this?
  9. what's your dream IPB feature?

    Link formatting for external links.
  10. Managing Attachments

    I like the drag and drop for attachments. But can we have just a little more control over managing them? Like maybe pushing them to an album, editing the filename or description? Also, while we are on the subject of images... Any chance we will see an album for cover and profile photos? Please?
  11. New: Group promotion improvements

    I understand. But since Validating is no longer a group we have less control than before. I don't want Validating members to have the ability to upload photos. On my site, we don't approve anyone who registers. Validating members should NOT be allowed to start modifying their profile until they are approved. I don't even want other members to SEE these members until they are approved.
  12. New: Richer Embeds

    GREAT! Any enhancements planned for embedding external links?
  13. New: Group promotion improvements

    How will this work with validating users? Are there any changes to members in validation (I hope)?
  14. New: Gallery improvements

    I am really hoping this is just a "hint" of the new features for Gallery.
  15. New: Gallery improvements

    Will there be any enhancements to managing albums -- both for users and admins? I was hoping to see default albums for members' cover pages and profile photos aka Facebook.