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  1. ...un-follow a group or all users from a particular thread, forum, album, or gallery I just deleted 2,000 "Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender" emails from my inbox...
  2. We post a regular topical article each month on my site. Instead of uploading the same image multiple times, wouldn't it be easier to use an image that has already been uploaded?
  3. Nice plugin! I am getting this issue though at the top of the page.
  4. Any update to this? Hoping for more sort capabilities.
  5. Can you PM me as well?
  6. Would it be possible to import a list of URLs?
  7. Any fix for this? Also, can the text "Link" be edited to something else? I would prefer it to say "Read the interview" or something like that.
  8. Is it possible to remove the "Manage Your Account Settings" gear icon?
  9. Will this upload a snapshot of the website automatically?
  10. There needs to be a way for members to store multiple profile and cover photos. Yes, like Facebook.
  11. I just installed a plugin on one of my Wordpress sites. The widget allows you to have a gallery page on your wordpress site fed from a specific Facebook Album(s). Would it be possible to have a feature or an add-on that would allow users to populate a specific area on their profile page with pictures from their Facebook page? Perhaps the same would be possible for an Instagram "feed" as well.
  12. No one would notice on my site! haha!
    I like it! And my members like having it too. The only thing I would change is I really don't; want to see the the Mark as Sold button on every forum. What is the point of showing the button to an admin on a forum that it is not being used on?
  13. How do I get users not logged in to stop re-registering! haha