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  1. Does it only show when they are online? Because a couple of folks have logged in since installing and its not showing up.
  2. This person just logged in on my site
  3. Okay, I got this to work on one of my test accounts. But it does not appear just by logging in and out. It seems you have to go to the Country setting on the profile. At least that's when it showed up for me when I tried it. Is there no way to "update" all members automatically?
  4. Just installed. I am not seeing the flag on any profiles but my own.
  5. At this point, I would be happy to have the ability to print a report...
  6. I know when you click on Check for Updates you are supposed to see which applications and plugins are out of date. This works fine for the core IPS applications, but for whatever reason it doesn't seem to work for third party products. So the only way I know of to check for out of date third party products is to go to my Applications and Plugins pages and compare what I have installed to those in the Marketplace. I print out my Applications and Plugins pages and then go into the Marketplace to compare. Pretty tedious. It's particularity annoying for Plugins since you have to drill down to each individual plugin to get the version number. I then have to write it down on my print out. Oy! What is this 1998? Is there anyway you can make this simpler? At the very least can you display the Plugins' version number on the main page so you don't have to dig for it? A link to the application/plugin in the Marketplace would also be helpful.
  7. Thank you!
  8. Is there a way you can disallow the video's URL in the description field? I know this is stupid, but you would be surprised how many of my users add the URL there. They also tend to only put it there and wonder why they get an error when they don't add it to the URL field...
  9. The OCD side of me would really like the ability to order tags alphabetically.
  10. Okay, thank you!
  11. My members stopped using blogs mostly because they don't see a difference between that and posting in forums.
  12. I'm running 3.1.3. Is there a newer version?
  13. In a future release would it be possible to to wrap the content in .ipsBox? A couple of pages look terrible in my custom theme: http://clausnet.com/membermap/markers/marker/147-michael-rielly/ http://clausnet.com/membermap/markers/group/2-members/
  14. Is there a way to change "Link" to something more intuitive? I use it to post a link to an interview. Would be nice if I could make it: "Read Interview"