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  1. Think the other direction. I would like to go to the member who is being followed and remove his/her followers. Ideally I would like to pick and chose specific members from a list via check box. Your plugin works great if I need to do this for one or two members. But every time this person adds an image to her album, I get a ton of bounces to my email box because those email addresses are no longer valid or the sheer number of notifications overflows my server.
  2. Can you make it so I can remove members from following other members? I have a member who encourages everyone to follow her so they are notified when she adds items to her album. The problem is about 150 of them are gone, dead, or their email has changed. So every time she adds something to her album, I get over 100 bounced emails. They are not following her album, just her. If I could go to her profile and click on the ones to unfollow her that would be helpful.
  3. No one on my site uses the Ratings. I don't know why. I don't think they get it. They understand "Like" though. Also, we use Likes for photo contests.
  4. How about a way to view the number of likes on images from the album view. Also a sort by Likes would be nice. And I STILL think there should be a default album for all members to store their profile and cover images.
  5. That was just the front end. The business end was a VAX 11/750 with 2MB of memory, and an 80MB disk drive!
  6. I think I am older than you.
  7. OMG. Thank you!
  8. I went to upgrade to the latest release and got an error on uploading. File too big. I've never seen that.
  9. Also, I don't know if this is related or not but it happened only after upgrading... Users could not get to the login page. It kept redirecting them to a registration page. Luckily I was able to log in to the Admin side. I deactivated the plugin, cleared the cache, and reactivated the plugin and the problem went away.
  10. Was working great. Now for some reason Guests are showing up in the profile pictures even though it is turned off.
  11. I also wish it had its own CSS
  12. If you look at mine the same user shows multiple times Okay never mind. IT must be sporadic. Looks fine right now. But when I posted it the first time members were showing up 3-4 times
  13. https://clausnet.com/forums/
  14. @InvisionHQ: is there a way to show the VOTE button without showing the archive page? Understandably, the archive only lists members I added using the app, but I have an archive that goes back to 2009. And I don;t want to hear members complain why they are not listed... Also, the archive page does not work with my custom theme and it looks terrible.