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  1. Option overload there, takes your eyes away from the topics.
  2. New: Reactions

    Be good to know
  3. New: Promoting Content

    I like, this reactions and clubs are great additions. I've always wondered, I have an app for Facebook log in, and then a Facebook page for my site. Is this the correct way? My login isn't asssociated with my page at all, the whole Facebook connect seems a bit of a mess
  4. New: Clubs

    Very nice feature, but I would like to request the approving/declining part to be made available on the front end as a hook for members awaiting validation. I've wanted that for some years now and it looks great in the screenshot above for clubs.
  5. Video: 4.2 So Far

    The border around follow, start new topic, moderator actions, download, mark forum read etc are ugly in the video. It looked better here
  6. New: Calendar Event Reminders

    Letters for photos too then
  7. Member Map

    I noticed some of the cities on my map were in French and have now found I am using OpenStreetMap.France as my default map. What should I be using for english names?
  8. Any IPS 4.1 high-load community examples?

    How did you install memcached with php 7 as I'm always told it is not compatible?
  9. Limit number of youtube embeds per page.

    There used to be a way to limit number of media/youtube per post, has this option gone?
  10. Online Indicator

    Fantastic, I show the indicator on avatars and it looks great. Would be perfect if it showed on the avatars in the private conversations!
  11. What are you all doing with email?

    Does anyone use a mail client for general emails such as those received through the contact us link? I've tried thunderbird in the past and more recently eM client but both let through junk mail and it's a nightmare to be honest. Is there a better option out there for these emails?
  12. Leaderboard

    I kind of regret archiving as sorting the results by posts under top members doesn't include the archived posts so most users counts are much lower
  13. htaccess for IPS Forums

    It seems to be ExpiresDefault "now plus 1 hour" that is the problem when opcache is active, it messes things up. Am I ok to remove that or does it defeat the object? As it works fine when that line isn't there.
  14. htaccess for IPS Forums

    These expires (not just yours, in general) create an issue with opcache, I and many of my members appear to be logged out and are not seeing updated topics (we're not, needs a page refresh to show as logged in and show the latest topic list). This only happens when opcache is enabled, so it is clashing somewhere. In which case, how do I have working image expires when I have opcache active?