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  1. I believe the main problem is for those uploading via their phones
  2. I've been having these issues lately, is there a reason some photos end up the wrong way round?
  3. For what it's worth (probably nothing) I don't understand moves such as this as now I can't see what sort of bugs are present in the next version before upgrading (was that the plan?) nor the lack of announcements now such as when a new version of the software is out. It tends to be hidden away until someone starts a new topic on here regarding it. Pre 4.0 we used to have official announcements from @IPS News and it's a shame this is no longer the case, used to look forward to these.
  4. It is pretty much the only issue my members complain about right now. I have installed that new page button, but maybe saved content should have a time limit or be limited to the topic they were replying to (probably not possible). Or maybe being able to delete the contents be a simple process again.
  5. I can't see why you've removed the bug tracker. I've reported numerous minor problems with the skin that I wouldn't submit a ticket for, but wouldn't have been fixed if it wasn't posted about in the tracker.
  6. Oh it may have been that then. I see quite a lot of sites where their images are at (example url) and not cloudflare/amazon urls, do you know how that is done?
  7. Do you have to change nameservers with this? I've looked into it a little bit but was put off by this part during the registration process.
  8. I've been requesting it for some time as a mod too, but nothing.
  9. No, I'm just putting it out there incase there was a way to improve the notification. When you have User1 and User2 has quoted you in a topic, the link goes to the first quote then you have to find the other yourself. Would it be better if these notifications were separated?
  10. If you are quoted more than once in a topic you only get one notification, which is fair enough. But the link only take you to the first quoted post. It has been mentioned on our forum that it is difficult to find the second quoted post. I imagine it is even more difficult to find the posts when quoted more than twice in a large topic.
  11. I agree regarding the topic view too, no need for that empty space. I actually removed most of the white space and gaps on when viewing my site on a mobile, if you can access it what do you think? I tried to make it as much like we had on 3.x as possible and it took months!
  12. Yes, the logo just doesn't look right. On my forum I have changed it around, reducing the width of the breadcrumb, and a smaller banner just for mobiles also placed search in the menu for mobile users. It is a bit of a squeeze on small screens as shown and it loses ability to search in topics on mobiles but I wasn't at all satisfied with how it was previous.
  13. Could easily ban someone by accident with no confirmation, puts me off using it a bit. But if it was in the options dropdown would be ideal, don't know how possible that is
  14. Got it working, think it would be better placed in the options dropdown though, I don't plan on using it regularly but it appears in every post Also, there was no confirmation screen, it just banned the user even though confirm appeared in text, no option was there for me.
  15. Just purchased, set my admin group to be able to ban/unban from topics but the option isn't there in topics.