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  1. Could easily ban someone by accident with no confirmation, puts me off using it a bit. But if it was in the options dropdown would be ideal, don't know how possible that is
  2. Got it working, think it would be better placed in the options dropdown though, I don't plan on using it regularly but it appears in every post Also, there was no confirmation screen, it just banned the user even though confirm appeared in text, no option was there for me.
  3. Just purchased, set my admin group to be able to ban/unban from topics but the option isn't there in topics.
  4. Would like the ability the hide a group of emoticons instead of having to delete them, Christmas emoticons for example that would only be available for that period
  5. Any plans to release this for 4.1?
  6. Any solution to the inability to remove a quote now and then? Especially on phones. Driving some of my members mad
  7. I reported this here but it was just closed.
  8. Is there a reason why it's impossible to add location? Since upgrade to 4.1 from 3.4 nothing happens, I click add location, type the entry in and click save but nothing happens.
  9. I wanted to use memcached but my host tells me it isn't compatible with easyapache 4. Is everyone else using memcached with php7 doing it differently?
  10. Ok sorry, I wasn't aware of anything else using addthis to cause this issue.
  11. This error has been reported, which I assume is to do with this hook
  12. I think that would be better if it automatically takes you to the forum, without having to press go.
  13. It magically changed to green a few hours after I installed, strange!
  14. Is there a demo of this anywhere?
  15. delete