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  1. So can you use a CDN whilst hosting your own files? And would that be beneficial or is both suggested?
  2. Seems incredibly complicated, how would the standard user work that out themself. Also nothing about a CDN in that video.
  3. Is there a guide anywhere to setting up Amazon S3 with my forum? Do I need to use a CDN alongside that? I literally have no clue!
  4. Having reinstalled and done the hard refresh, after validating a member today I didn't receive a redirect but I received this pop up After clicking ok, the validating member part was green and the member appears validated. But these errors didn't happen previously.
  5. Ok will do that
  6. I've installed the latest version and it didn't validate as it used to. Previously it would work without a page refresh, this time it redirected me to a blank page and appeared to be an error, but then it directed me back to the board index and the member appears to be validated.
  7. I've just downloaded chrome on my iPhone and still have to press it twice
  8. On safari I pressed the editor box it expands but then I have to press again to start typing. Is that how it's supposed to work?
  9. No thoughts then? Every other forum sofrware and facebook/twitter for example it only takes one click..
  10. When on my mobile at the bottom of the topic where it says reply to this topic, it would be better if on the first click you could start typing, as you have to press again once the editor box is enlarged. Surely as the most used area of any forum it would be better for the editor to fully load on the first click.
  11. I believe the main problem is for those uploading via their phones
  12. I've been having these issues lately, is there a reason some photos end up the wrong way round?
  13. For what it's worth (probably nothing) I don't understand moves such as this as now I can't see what sort of bugs are present in the next version before upgrading (was that the plan?) nor the lack of announcements now such as when a new version of the software is out. It tends to be hidden away until someone starts a new topic on here regarding it. Pre 4.0 we used to have official announcements from @IPS News and it's a shame this is no longer the case, used to look forward to these.
  14. It is pretty much the only issue my members complain about right now. I have installed that new page button, but maybe saved content should have a time limit or be limited to the topic they were replying to (probably not possible). Or maybe being able to delete the contents be a simple process again.
  15. I can't see why you've removed the bug tracker. I've reported numerous minor problems with the skin that I wouldn't submit a ticket for, but wouldn't have been fixed if it wasn't posted about in the tracker.