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  1. How did you install memcached with php 7 as I'm always told it is not compatible?
  2. There used to be a way to limit number of media/youtube per post, has this option gone?
    Fantastic, I show the indicator on avatars and it looks great. Would be perfect if it showed on the avatars in the private conversations!
  3. Does anyone use a mail client for general emails such as those received through the contact us link? I've tried thunderbird in the past and more recently eM client but both let through junk mail and it's a nightmare to be honest. Is there a better option out there for these emails?
  4. I got this
  5. I kind of regret archiving as sorting the results by posts under top members doesn't include the archived posts so most users counts are much lower
  6. It seems to be ExpiresDefault "now plus 1 hour" that is the problem when opcache is active, it messes things up. Am I ok to remove that or does it defeat the object? As it works fine when that line isn't there.
  7. These expires (not just yours, in general) create an issue with opcache, I and many of my members appear to be logged out and are not seeing updated topics (we're not, needs a page refresh to show as logged in and show the latest topic list). This only happens when opcache is enabled, so it is clashing somewhere. In which case, how do I have working image expires when I have opcache active?
  8. It's currently showing as month, this is good. It's also good to keep track of the best posts in the month. When it's set as all time, the same posts will almost always show unless the user changes from all time themself.
  9. Would be a welcome addition, I hate the default photo and most new members just don't both uploading their own. (just as I haven't on here )
  10. I personally would like to default to week or day. All time is useful as an option but for most sites the information will never change on that setting.
  11. Ignore this, I was mistaken.
  12. For the past leaders it may be better keeping a record and then counting the total trophies for each member and ordering them by trophies (with most gold first), it looks like it will be a long list if it's going to list the top 3 each day. What about Pos | Name | Trophies | Total likes 1 | Matt | (gold trophy image) 3 (silver trophy image) 1 (bronze trophy image) 4 | 534 2 | Jimmy | (gold trophy image) 2 (silver trophy image) 0 (bronze trophy image) 1 | 6 etc
  13. After selecting the .tar file I received the error The file must be smaller than 2MB.