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  1. your purchasing page is soo useless it aint even funny first off i couldnt even figure out how to purchase it soo confusing, wasnt until id spend 25 mminuites reading up till i was pointed in the right direction but in order for me to purchase it the only way i can do it is by purchsing the full suite, ok ive got 3 active licences at the moment and just want to purchase one copy of ip nexus for one of the licences, how do i go about doing that?
  2. iRadio Hook

    actually ignore my post, sorry, i forgot to upload the js and image folders doh!
  3. iRadio Hook

    hey dude, nice mod, have a few slight problems though would have posted in your itsECO Tracker but it says Cannot start a new Issue its installed right, but it doesnt display any of the icons needed to get the various players working in firfox} tryied in incrome and where the images are to be there are wee error portrait pics it also doenst auto start heres my forum could you please tell me whats wrong?? thanking in advance