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  1. Hello, We don't have per-version licenses, so one license covers any release while you license is active. That said, 3.4 is now 'end of life' meaning no support or updates are offered for it. I would highly recommend you don't start a new community on that version and instead go with IPS4. If you do need 3.4 (e.g. for a migration process), you can request it via a support ticket to our team. We don't make it generally available any longer but can issue a download in special cases. Hope that helps!
  2. Hello, On our Cloud plans we can do the updates for you - you'd simply put in a ticket to request that. On a self-hosted license, our auto-downloader would be your best bet; it can automatically put the updated files on your server in most cases. If you can't use that, you'd need to upload the files for the new version, so you'd do this however you'd normally apply new files. Most hosts will support sftp, but our upgrader doesn't really care how the files get there - that's something your host would control. From there, you'd just run the built-in upgrader to get onto the new version. Hope that helps!
  3. Hi I took a quick look at the site you mentioned. It appears to be fairly simple in approach actually. They have a nice overall custom theme, which you can build using HTML/CSS using our template system (or find one in our Marketplace that you like as a starting point). Their homepage news system is using the Articles database in our Pages app, again with customized templates/CSS to make them a little more interesting - although they aren't substantially different to our default templates, so it wouldn't take much work. Then they are using our drag and drop sidebar editor to add widgets like the topics and events feed. All in all, if you have HTML/CSS knowledge and take a little while to get familiar with our software, something similar would not be terribly difficult to do The most difficult part would be designing the overall look; actually implementing it in our software wouldn't be too tough. Hope that helps!
  4. Hi John, 1) If you already have a license, you don't need to purchase a new one to use IPS4. If your license isn't already active, you'd simply need to renew it and then upgrade; if your license is active, you're already good to go. You posted this message from a guest account rather than a client account, so I can't look at your account to let you know exactly where you stand, but if you sign into the client area you should see your options there. 2) Any decent host that meets our minimum requirements should suffice. Avoid bargain-basement hosts because demanding software such as ours isn't a good fit there. As an alternative, have you considered our own Cloud plans? They include all of our apps, and it's hosted on an environment specifically designed for our software. We take care of all the server management side of things, leaving you to focus on your community. If you have 10-20 users online at once, you'd probably fit OK on our $20/month plan, which provides for an average of 25 users online at once. Let me know if you need any more info about those Hope that helps!
  5. Yes, that possible via our module permission system. Under group permissions, you can also configure things like the number of new messages members in that group can start per day, how much space they have to store messages and so forth
  6. Hi Kiran, Please log into the client area and submit a ticket to our support team - they'll be able to assist you with the upgrade. The client area is also where you'll find the latest version for download, if you'd prefer to do the upgrade yourself. Thanks
  7. Yes you have it correct - purchasing the initial license is $175, and then there's a renewal every six months of $25. This renewal provides you with ongoing access to support, upgrades and services like our spam monitor. If you decide not to pay the renewal, you can continue using the software at your current version, and then renew later without penalty. Hope that helps
  8. Hi Claire, my apologies for overlooking this question until now. If those requirements are met, then the software should run; there's also a checker script you can run on the server which will report in more detail what's missing, if anything. You'll find that script on this page, near the bottom. I would recommend doing that before committing to a particular host, just to be sure. The other side of the coin is whether the plan will be sufficient for the demands of your particular community; the busier the community, the more server resources it will require. It's very difficult to say what any given community will need, so it tends to be a case of constantly evaluating and adjusting your server as necessary. A VPS should be fine for a medium community, I would think. Hope that helps!
  9. Hello It sounds like what you need is the album feature - perhaps this was overlooked when you were trying the app out? As an admin you'd still create categories, but when users are uploading images they could create their own albums to hold all of the photos they're uploading, as well as give it a description, choose a cover photo and so on. I don't think the category model is something that would change in future to be honest, simply because that structure has always been central to what we offer and many communities rely on that approach. But, by using albums, perhaps some of this confusion would be alleviated for you? Hope that helps!
  10. Hello Unfortunately right now our Commerce app doesn't support multi-vendor for physical products. You can do multi-vendor for digital files using our Downloads app integration - this is how our Marketplace operates. We have an internal discussion taking place about supporting member sales for other kinds of products in Commerce, so it may well be something we introduce in a future version. Hope that helps!
  11. The language the server app uses doesn't matter too much. What it would need to offer is an API (e.g. REST API or oAuth) that IPS4 can call in order to authenticate users and get an approve/deny responsive. If your Node app has an API like that, you should be able to have SSO built
  12. Hi For phpBB 2 there's a couple of options, because we don't have a ready-made converter for phpBB 2 -> IPS4. You could either: Upgrade your site to phpBB 3, and then use our IPS4 converters to bring it over or, you can use our older converters to convert your phpBB 2 site to IPB 3, and then upgrade to IPS4 once that's finished. IPB 3 (and the old converters) are now unsupported, but we can provide you with a copy of IPB 3 via our support ticket system if this is the route you want to go. Hope that helps
  13. Hi Apex, as of a few weeks ago, all apps on a license need to be renewed together. If you'd like to cancel an app completely instead, get in touch with us via the the client area and we'll be able to help you with that Thanks!
  14. Hey Kevin You can have either a self-hosted license or a Cloud plan, either is fine. vBulletin tends to be a pretty smooth migration normally since it's the most popular migration path, so well tested. Yes, it should be. Just be sure you have complete, recent backups If you're converting to IPS4, you need this tool, and I believe the support is vB 3.8 upwards. Hope that helps
  15. No it'll be 4.1.16 now.