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  1. Hey Kevin You can have either a self-hosted license or a Cloud plan, either is fine. vBulletin tends to be a pretty smooth migration normally since it's the most popular migration path, so well tested. Yes, it should be. Just be sure you have complete, recent backups If you're converting to IPS4, you need this tool, and I believe the support is vB 3.8 upwards. Hope that helps
  2. No it'll be 4.1.16 now.
  3. You'll still need to have a license to download/use them
  4. Hi Lucas, Thanks for your interest. I'm not sure I fully understand this part - do you mean replying to topics by sending an email? If so, this isn't supported right now I'm afraid. Let me know if I've misunderstood. Users can follow virtually all content in the community, and choose how to be notified when there's replies. So, they could follow a topic to be notified when there's new posts in it, or follow a forum and be notified when there's new topics. Unfortunately being notified based on tag or relevancy isn't something we support, though. I don't think we'd be able to migrate Google Groups or Gmail simply because I don't think they offer any export of the data that would be in a format suitable for importing into a forum structure. If I am mistaken about that however, let me know! We don't have official apps, because we've taken the approach of using responsive design, meaning the same theme will adapt itself to whatever device you're using (try resizing your browser window right down here and notice how the display adapts itself). That said, there's a third-party app available from TapaTalk. The community works fine over 3G or 4G. We do have built-in sharing to various social networks available - you can see which ones on this page. Users can also link their accounts to their Facebook, Twitter, Google or LinkedIn accounts for easy signing in. We have a built-in Spam Monitor that virtually eliminates spammers from registering on your forum. For content that doesn't fit in your policies, we have extensive moderation tools that you can use to deal with content and users - find out more here. Could you clarify what you mean here please? We do have an archive system but I think we may be talking about different things. Forums are pretty different to email lists - they're much more linear and (in my opinion!) easier to follow, because the entire history of the topic is available, in chronological order. Also, it's public, so anyone can sign up and take part, if you want to allow that. And beyond topics themselves, features like the activity stream and user profiles make it much easier to see what people have been contributing to, and surface new content that you might be interested in. We only provide English by default, but our third-party Markeplace offers lots of others you can install. On our Cloud plans we have automatic daily and weekly backups. If you self-host, this would be something you or your host will need to take care of. I am afraid we don't have any non-profit discounts right now - sorry! Hope that helps
  5. Yes - you'd need to first upgrade to IPB 3, and then to IPS4
  6. License holders can request IPB 3.4.9 via a support ticket in the client area, although I should note it is now completely unsupported. We don't recommend using it for anything other than converting using our older converter package, as a stepping stone to IPS4. Hope that helps
  7. Hi Jonas Right now we don't have a ready-made migration tool for WBB. However, there is one available for IPB 3, so what you can do is convert to IPB 3, and then upgrade to IPS4. If you'd like to do that, you can request a copy of IPB 3 via a support ticket, and our techs can help out.
  8. We already have an internal discussion about this actually, because we agree and have noticed before. Unfortunately it's technically difficult given the way our content index operates, so it isn't a simple thing to change - but it's definitely on our radar.
  9. Hello That is the way it should work on IPS4 too - new replies should be included when you post your reply. I'll add a bug report and see if we can reproduce, and if so we'll get a fix included. Thanks for letting us know!
  10. As @Joy Rex says, IP.Content has been renamed Pages. All the same functionality is there (and more), however unlike the other apps not everything can be upgraded automatically for you. Things like blocks etc. which use custom HTML won't work in the new version. I'd recommend renewing, and then doing a test upgrade to IPS4 so that you can test your site and see what you'll need to manually update Hope that helps!
  11. I'm afraid not - in IPS4 there's no separate 'reply' page, it's all handled within the flow of the topic.
  12. Theme Tip: Color coding tags

    We were recently asked if it's possible to color code tags - the customer in question used tags as statuses on topics, and so wanted 'resolved' to be green, and so on. Despite being a great idea, this isn't something that is currently possible 'out of the box' - although we'll add it to our internal feature idea list to follow up on later! But just because it isn't built in, that doesn't mean it isn't possible! In fact, with a little CSS, this is quite easy to achieve now. Writing a CSS selector We can do this by writing a CSS selector that matches the tag URL for the tag we want to style - a handy way to use CSS that can be applied to lots of other ideas within the suite! Lets say we have a tag called 'resolved', and we want to make it green. Add the following CSS to your custom.css file: .ipsTags a[href*="/tags/resolved/"] { background: SeaGreen; } html[dir="ltr"] .ipsTags a[href*="/tags/resolved/"]:before { border-color: transparent SeaGreen transparent transparent; } The first style is the main part of the tag element; the second matches the :before pseudo-selector which we use to make the 'point' of the tag. Another tag we'll style is called 'needs help'. In this case, there's spaces in the name, which are represented by the + symbol in the URL (since it's URL-encoded). We'll make it purple this time: .ipsTags a[href*="/tags/needs+help/"] { background: Purple; } html[dir="ltr"] .ipsTags a[href*="/tags/needs+help/"]:before { border-color: transparent Purple transparent transparent; } Supporting prefixes This little CSS snippet won't change prefixes, however - they'll still be shown in the default color (specified by your theme settings). If you want to change prefixes too, you need to adjust the CSS as follows - replace the previous CSS with this version: .ipsTags a[href*="/tags/needs+help/"], a.ipsTag_prefix[href*="?tags=needs+help"] { background: Purple; } html[dir="ltr"] .ipsTags a[href*="/tags/needs+help/"]:before, html[dir="ltr"] a.ipsTag_prefix[href*="?tags=needs+help"]:before { border-color: transparent Purple transparent transparent; } (Note: Notice the slightly different string we're matching in the href attribute; once you upgrade to 4.1.14, this won't be necessary - both selectors can use the same href format, e.g. /tags/needs+help/. Prior to 4.1.14, tags and prefixes used slightly different URL formats.) That's it - now everything looks correct! Topic View Forum View
  13. It's difficult because as far as I know, AMP pages don't support forms - and almost every page of our suite has a form.
  14. We like upgrades. We have the best upgrades.
  15. Also, it's orange.