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  1. Hello, Yes, that's no problem. The account holder can add 'alternative contacts' to their account via our client area, and that enables those contacts to submit support requests and so on. Hope that helps!
  2. Hello, That's actually a built-in feature Posts get that flag when the topic is marked as 'featured', or when the post reaches a certain number 'likes' Hope that helps!
  3. Hello, Please submit this as a support ticket so that we can take a look at your account and let you know what might be happening Thanks!
  4. Hello, I believe I've answered the first part via email already, but just in case - it's possible to download a list of attendees, though this doesn't include timestamps. For 4.2 we are going to change the sorting of the attendees list to be by date. Timestamps are stored in the database if you wanted to do your own processing of the data. jQuery shouldn't have anything to do with your host - it's just a javascript file that runs in the user's browser. I'm not sure why/how they'd be prohibiting it
  5. Hi Marcus, In terms of experience, it'll be exactly the same whether you choose to host yourself, or host with us. Either way, you point your domain name (or subdomain) to the appropriate place, and everything just works. There's no messy redirects happening even if you host with us. If you go with a Cloud plan, we'll provide those details after you've signed up. Hope that helps!
  6. I'm not sure most users would need the h1-h6 options, but I could certainly get behind "Heading" and "Subheading" buttons by default. That would be nice for formatting posts, I think.
  7. That covers all of your apps - it's no longer possible to renew apps individually, so we always show the total price now
  8. Yes, we don't currently support that functionality unfortunately.
  9. Do you mean downloads as in a record in our Downloads app? This unfortunately isn't possible - sorry!
  10. You can check out the third-party translations available in our Marketplace - there's at least one Russian language pack available Hope that helps!
  11. Hi My apologies for the delay in getting an answer for you. Yes, our categories are collapsible - you can see that on our forum homepage (you can hide the categories you don't want to see by clicking the toggle arrow to the right of the bar). We have a built in 'easy mode' editor that allows you to point-and-click to change colors, or you can go a bit further by adjusting theme settings in the AdminCP, without needing to know any HTML. For more advanced changes, we have a list of third-party providers that you could get in touch with. The site you linked to (AtariAge) is using an older version of our software, so the new Gallery looks a little different, but the functionality is broadly the same. You would of course need our Gallery app for those features. Hope that helps!
  12. Hello We have a domain registered and parked, waiting for the forum, is it a straightforward thing to use this hosted platform instead of your own. I may be misunderstanding, so please clarify if I'm wrong - but yes, it's easy to use your own domain name with our hosted Cloud plans. We can provide the information you need to point the domain to the correct place. If you're looking to self-host the software instead, we have licenses available for that kind of setup. I realise we cannot migrate directly to a paid package from our demo, but can I at least save it and reload into the new forum package? We can do this for you if you're moving to a Cloud plan - but be sure to get in touch with us once you've set up your demo so that we can extend it for you. If it expires, the data is lost unfortunately. My boss aims to allow advertising onto the site using adsense or whatever, do I have to assign columns or rows inside the design to accommodate that, or does the formatting automatically ingest any external pipe from AdSense ? Yes we support ads - there's a number of built-in locations you can choose from to display them, such as header, footer, sidebar, after the first topic in a forum, after the first post in a topic, and so on. AdSense is the most common provider people use, though our approach is provider-agnostic - any that provides ad snippets should work. Hope that helps!
  13. Please email sales@invisionpower.com with any relevant information you have - license key, invoice ID, transaction ID etc. and we'll be able to help you there. Thanks
  14. Yes, you can do that via our client area
  15. Hi There's not really a straightforward way to migrate just your users. There's a few options: You could prune all your content from your phpBB installation before running the migration process or do the reverse, and migrate and then prune all your content If phpBB has some way to export members as a CSV (comma-separated values) file, we have an import tool in the AdminCP that would do that for you. Update: I have been reliably informed by a colleague that actually, with the new IPS4 migration tool it is possible to migrate just the user info. Sorry for the confusion! Hope that helps!