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  1. Not as such. We use Blowfish hashing which is a standard technique. It is salted (so rainbow tables cannot be used) and deliberately slow (to limit the effectiveness of bruteforcing).
  2. We actually use crypt() rather than password_hash() as only recently started requiring a PHP version which includes that function (although the algorithm being used is the same) which necessitates the salt being stored separately. Now that our minimum PHP requirements have increased, I imagine we will switch over in a future version. The cost is set to 13.
  3. To elaborate - in HTTP, the response code denotes the status of the request. If a request is to create a member, a 2xx response should only be used if that member wasn't created. If the request could not be fulfilled, an error code is appropriate - 4xx errors tell you there was something wrong with your request (in this case, the email you sent isn't acceptable), 5xx errors indicate the error is out of your control - in all 3 cases, the response body should contain more details. This applies to both requests for pages sent by a web browser, and a REST API using the HTTP protocol. For more information, is quite a good resource which also has a list of all the HTTP status codes. Incidentally you should really turn off reporting of warnings on production servers
  4. We were talking the other day about doing the initial thing a lot of places seem to be doing now which I quite like.
  5. If the default member group has permission to reply, they'll see this: You can of course change the wording.
  6. But the exchange rate changes daily - are you planning on updating it daily? Or just eating the difference? If it's the latter, why not fill in a round number for each of your products?
  7. If you just reply to the ticket and ask for a patch we usually will if we can, especially in T3. Sometimes a patch isn't possible - if it has HTML/CSS/JS changes, requires a lot of changes, or involves code which was added for other reasons, for example - and we definitely don't want to make a habit of providing a patch for every minor bug, but we want to help - just ask and we'll do our best. The person responding probably just didn't realise it was critical.
  8. On the Shipment, rather than the Invoice, there is a button to print a packing slip.
  9. Nope. If you're having issues, please submit a ticket. Mentioning an issue in a reply to a topic sometimes escapes our attention
  10. It should show "Not available" for any currencies the admin hasn't provided. We did look into automatic conversion but it gets kind of messy when you actually then have to send a real amount to a payment gateway, and that amount isn't going to be what you ultimately receive as the exchange rates change daily. Plus, how would you handle renewals? You can't tell a customer it's $x every month and then the next month bill them something else because the exchange rate has changed. The idea is that you actually specify an amount in each currency. So you might say something is $9.99 if you're in the US or £7.99 in the UK (even though, right now, $9.99 is £7.60 - tomorrow it won't be). This is how most multinationals handle this sort of thing. Or you can do what we do: just specify the price in your currency, let the buyer's bank figure out what that is and know you're always getting the same amount for the same product.
  11. Nah, I'm okay... I might be tricked into buying hundreds of big macs
  12. It's been a while since I was last in a McDonalds, but I'm pretty sure I remember massive posters with pictures of their food on all over the interior But yeah - this was my bad. Customer wanted to buy a second license - we realised we had no link to do that I suppose I could have made it less bright and turquoise, but you know... it seemed like not a big deal.
  13. Which payment gateway do you use?
  14. Unfortunately, while Facebook has an API for reading messages, it does not have one for replying to them.
  15. It actually already does this. If you provide it an internal URL, on the backend, it realises this and saves it without the base URL.