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  1. Upgraded yesterday -, the skin is still pretty standard with a few small tweaks. More to come.
  2. Happens on our linux server too. Really quite slow editing a post with 20 odd videos in it :P If videos went into the system on post create/edit, and the thumbnails/descriptions were populated by a task at a later point, that'd be pretty sweet! :)
  3. Another suggestion, but maybe quite a bit of work. Posting topics can take quite some time, I guess it's being held up by going off to YouTube to grab the forum description and thumb. Could it be made into a task that runs every 5 minutes or so?
  4. I would like to see it as option 2 :)
  5. Suggestion: task to scrape videos from old topics :)
  6. Just installed this, seems to be working well for me :smile: yeah, i think it respects forum permissions though so you might have to be clever on how you set up the permissions for the hidden forum. no Would suggest making a hidden forum, create an xml feed from your youtube channel, get IPB to post new topics into a hidden forum from the xml feed (does IPB still do that? It did a few years ago...), and get this system to scrape videos from the hidden forum.
  7. Also, does it support vimeo?
  8. Looks great! I will probably use it just for the hook to show the latest video on board index. Is there a task to go through existing topics and extract all the videos?
  9. We used it for 6 months or so, got pretty good returns. Using skimlinks now though.
  10. Great, thanks mike, I'll keep an eye on this topic for updates :) Out of interest, would it just be a button next to posts saying 'my items' or would it be a drop down list?
  11. Hello, I have the collections system running on 3.3 (although in the mod description it says its for 3.2.... so not sure if it should even work at all!) I need topic view integration working, preferably a drop down list of 'My collection items' under the users avatar, however... it says: Any idea's how I can get this working for 3.3? Are there any plans for this to ever work in 3.3 out of the box?
  12. Did this ever get added back in? I miss it too.
  13. Any news on this Michael? This is just what I want, I think. I was planning on renaming this system to 'The Shed' and letting people upload pictures of bikes.. But if there is a different system coming out then I'll wait for that :) Could you consider making rating the photo's a more prominent feature of the product? Id like a 'rate my X' style system, where in order to comment you also have to rate, and the rating you gave is shown next to your comment... quite a big ask sorry!
  14. One thing my members are asking for is a 'View All Adverts' button, are there any plans for this, or is it possible already?