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  1. (SD) Close Old Topics

    i installed it and activated it - will it work from now (let's say i configured it to 30 days) or 30 days from today?
  2. New: Statistics

    that's very nice, and useful, thanks!
  3. Number of topics

    this mod is great, i would suggest that in newer versions there could be an option to change how it looks, more than just the size of the number.
  4. Basic Points (Support)

    i also see this: any update about this?
  5. Introducing: IPS Community Suite 4!

    it's about time, Congratulations
  6. Group Name Indicator

    can you return the seprator ' | ' ?
  7. Group Color on User Link

    works great, but if you can- the online list page and the statues page isn't showing the colors by group.
  8. Members Age

    i understand the problem, you only have one profile field but i have 3: that is the problem, it is not defined to the first one only. it can happen to many more users here who have more than one field.
  9. Members Age

    i think i know why, the two other ones are from before the updrade (froum 3.4), so that might be the problem
  10. Members Age

    small problem- after installing it appears 3 times in the profile, can you fix it? after some edit- i found that the problem is with: id='elProfileInfoColumn' - when i deleted it from front=>profile=>profile than i don't see anything.
  11. Auto Welcome Support

    hello, i installed it but when a user sign in- he doesn't have the +1 in the pm.. is it suppose to be like that?
  12. Is 4.0.4 reasonably stable?

    i would wait for 4.0.5 which suppose to be released tommrrow. there are a l lot of bugs but most are minor.
  13. online users

    i tried that too, but after 1 hour it comes back to 20 minutes, so i think there is a limit from IPS or something.
  14. (TB) Group Format

    hey teraßyte, will you upgrade this mod to work with 4.0? thanks.
  15. Timezone option

    yes, i think so.