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  1. And more Windows!
  2. :D I do what I can. haha

  3. @dziner Yes, we're working as fast as we can though! :)

  4. ZING!
  5. LOL Wow. I'm just going to keep my mouth shut on this whole "girl holding the laptop" thing.
  6. I really hadn't tried any of them. There's one (or a few in different places) where you have to jump from point to point as fast as you can and yea ... I didn't pass that and got aggravated. My luck with actually controlling where I want him to go is just that, luck. Maybe if I had one more finger, like a second thumb on my right hand, to control the camera on the right thumb stick the whole time I'd enjoy it more. :ermm:
  7. I'm close to the end in Prototype and I like it, of course I wouldn't have played that far if I didn't. :P The story is .. meh .. at best, and all I do is the main missions, not the side missions. It reminds me of Assassin's Creed (which I still <3) on crack with elements of Carnage and Spiderman. All in all I like it, even though where I'm at now is making me want to chuck my controller and other parts have too. :D
  8. I can haz sta... oh wait. >.<

  9. Yea, a desk jockey marine. And all the other things Lindy has called him. lol

  10. YOU STINK! How's that for disrespectful! HA!

  11. That's actually why the About Me page was introduced in 2.3.5. Basically for when someone went to another user's profile, that was being executed and would cause massive slow downs. With the About Me page, of course, that gets diverted but with a function that calls members posts/topics still in there, well yea, over a million posts, there's always that. :)
  12. [quote name='ysun' date='Jun 22 2008, 10:14 AM']A pure board or a bbs software will be less important in the future. Says who exactly? <_<
  13. Poo towel! lol

  14. When my gf worked there, she said she saw at least 5 come back a day while she was there, due to the RROD. She, of course, didn't like pushing the plans on people but did suggest it to people buying those due to M$ knowing of the issue. Same thing with the PSP, there was something going on with those when I was thinking about buying one and she told me to buy the warranty.
  15. Man, I REALLY hope I don't see a rrod on mine anytime soon. I don't play it that often but still, it would be a shame if I did. Got a bargain on it due to buying it from a friend. :( Good luck Alex and let us know what the issue was .. if you figure it out. :D