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  1. I downloaded the mod installation But what I noticed an updated mod only to 3.3 and 3.2 which results in an error. My system is IPB 3.2.3 Applications & Modules >Manage Hooks - (SOS33) Similar Topics on Post Screen v2.1.0 Your application's version too old to support this plugin. Minimum: 33,000
  2. Thank you for the update and upgrade.
  3. I do not have that name HOOK (BIM) Featured Content I have Add / Remove topic to Fcontent
  4. Yes please all indexed pages just like you see in the box shouting over each index page. It's possible please?
  5. Great work well done. I have a question it is possible to specify that the MODE will display all posts to the site index pages similar Shoutbox?
  6. No problem, I'm waiting to get a solution to the problem thanks.
  7. I understand the problem with me but before that I will explain. Our site is in Hebrew and Hebrew site because it is displayed from right to left. If I change the language settings and sets from left to right like English everything works correctly. And if I return the original right to left is not displayed again, how can you fix that will work for me?
  8. I have a little problem I installed the mod but I tried to put some topics I do not see any result of the mod I just see a blank white space. " alt="" class="ipsImage" width="1000" height="235">
  9. Thanks for the quick response.
  10. I have a similar question has the possibility to import content from multiple forums and not just one forum?
  11. It's all right now, the problem has been fixed.
  12. Thanks for the mod. Question please: Why do I open a new tab and I do sub Tab - always the last link goes to the right and not right under everyone? How to repair this?