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  1. Thank you, sir!
  2. @Adriano Faria, as a possible suggestion: It would be nice if we could define a text block of "Guidelines" per category that are shown when a member opens the form to submit a new advertisement. Perhaps something like this, just a text block that the forum admin could enter the contents of.
    I began using the Classifieds app about two weeks ago on my community and the members really seem to love it. We're about 27,000 members strong and this app replaced several special-interest sub forums that we have used for the past 10 years allowing members to buy/sell/trade privately.
  3. @Tom Christian, is this ready for 4.1.17.x yet?
    Simple and ingenious! Many thanks for releasing this to the community free of charge!
  4. Thank you!
  5. Does the Classifieds system provide a feature for "discussion" threads to be created automatically or is that an add-on? I have seen a feature on a few installations where there is a button within the classified itself to go to a Discussion Topic but I don't see where that is mentioned in the description of the system here in the IPB marketplace. Thanks!
  6. Has any of you running the Agile theme upgraded to 4.1.17 yet? Any issues?
  7. I want to add my voice to the request that we be able to stack multiple ads vertically in the sidebar. I bought the plugin thinking that's how it worked but was surprised to see that you cannot do that currently. Not a big deal, I don't mind $10 to support the efforts of the developer, but that feature would be VERY nice to have. Thanks for considering it.
  8. Native search in IPB is so terrible I don't even bother using it to find things on *THIS* very forum most of the time. I just site-search http://invisionpower.com/forums/ via Google. In my opinion it is pretty sad that Google does a better job of indexing the support forum than the support forum itself does.
  9. I'm having a difficult time making the tags feature work with this. I have a defined set of tags for each category, however when entering an item in any given category, no where on the form when entering a new affiliate so I see a place to choose my tags. Any idea what I may be doing wrong?
  10. Sorry -- The truncated prefixes. Prefixes with more than one word, even if separated with a hyphen (I tried this to work around it), come out with only the first word shown.
  11. Still having these problems with
  12. I just searched to find this thread and would like to add my voice to the request that this be made an admin-configurable thing. I have noticed that traffic has actually decreased on my forum since switching to IPB4 and have strong suspicion it is because members simply are no longer clicking into a thread to find out what's new, but rather seeing the last comment in the Activity Stream, making an assumption, and not visiting the thread at all. Previously members would click into a thread if it struck their curiosity, and then would find themselves contributing. This is MUCH like the SEO theory of the "Engagement Funnel" or "Conversion Funnel" and yet IPB has taken the ability to control the funnel away from us.
  13. Suite

    1. The buyer and seller can both leave feedback for each other. 2. Yes you can erase or modify feedback, as can Moderators if you choose to allow that.