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  1. I'm having a difficult time making the tags feature work with this. I have a defined set of tags for each category, however when entering an item in any given category, no where on the form when entering a new affiliate so I see a place to choose my tags. Any idea what I may be doing wrong?
  2. Sorry -- The truncated prefixes. Prefixes with more than one word, even if separated with a hyphen (I tried this to work around it), come out with only the first word shown.
  3. Still having these problems with
  4. I just searched to find this thread and would like to add my voice to the request that this be made an admin-configurable thing. I have noticed that traffic has actually decreased on my forum since switching to IPB4 and have strong suspicion it is because members simply are no longer clicking into a thread to find out what's new, but rather seeing the last comment in the Activity Stream, making an assumption, and not visiting the thread at all. Previously members would click into a thread if it struck their curiosity, and then would find themselves contributing. This is MUCH like the SEO theory of the "Engagement Funnel" or "Conversion Funnel" and yet IPB has taken the ability to control the funnel away from us.
  5. Suite

    1. The buyer and seller can both leave feedback for each other. 2. Yes you can erase or modify feedback, as can Moderators if you choose to allow that.
    Worked great up until IPB was released, then started getting this error for some reason: [[Template core/front/global/globalTemplate is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  6. Suite

    Stuart, I just tested the new version and was able to successfully post feedback! It looks like it worked!
  7. Suite

    I'll open a ticket and gladly give you access to my test installation if it will help you, Stuart. Just been a bit busy with work today and haven't had a chance to set things up. Edited to Add: Opened a ticket. http://ipb.silvesterwebdesigns.com/tracker/issue-396-error-in-formphp-on-line-110-when-submitting-feedback/?view=findpost&p=1054
  8. Suite

    I can confirm that I am experiencing the same error on my test installation where I've upgraded to IPB 4.1 Fatal error: Class name must be a valid object or a string in /home/*****/public_html/test/forums/applications/feedback/modules/front/feedback/form.php on line 110
  9. The release notes don't really talk about what the mass export and import feature are good for.
  10. I've got a custom activity stream setup now that sort of mimics the old "New Content" search and am trying to warm up to it.
  11. My users are going to revolt if there's not a quick easy way to search for new content. We used to have a "New Content" button prior to 4.1 ... am I just missing it now?
  12. That worked perfectly! Many, many thanks!
  13. Tom, I'd like to put a background image behind the logo. I'm having a really difficult time finding the right CSS entry to modify to make this happen. Can you point me in the right direction? Adding the 'background-image' CSS tag to the "ipsLayout_header.nav-full-width .nav-wrapper" CSS entry doesn't seem to work, or at least not for my forum where I opted to set the option for Navgiation Layout to equal "Traditional Full Width".
  14. Suite

    As others have indicated for their communities, this is the only thing holding me back from 4.x right now. I'm ready to go whenever this is released!