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  1. I used a "barbaric" method to display the number Create a Custom PHP block with this code $link = mysql_connect("localhost", "user", "pass"); mysql_select_db("base", $link); $res = mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(1) FROM database-table", $link); $row = mysql_fetch_row($res); echo $row[]; And I add the block at the place to show number If someone have better idea.
  2. I Try to find this to. Add number of records in a database. I try this but ... no.... {number=$stats"['total_database']"}
  3. 4.0.5.... always nothing...
  4. ​Good luck (I have a 4 years old girl) Thanks for your fast answer
  5. Thanks Ralf I hope this come soon and not in 4.x . Without that, I cannot upgrade to Suite 4 And it will be great to add functionnalities from the hook that i link
  6. ​It's already update and you can download it on devfuse. This file will upload here soon.
  7. Do you think to upgrade this for Pages 4.x ??
  8. Hi, In IP.content 2.3.x, I use a lot of field "Database Relationship" in my databases. (and I use this too in complement) I upgrade my test forum to Suite 4.0.0, and I see that my fields "Database Relationship" were deleted... I try to re create it, and there are not present ??? Have you remove this ?
  9. Hi, In IP.Gallery 5.0, you had "pInterest Integration" - See blog entries from @bfarber Do you remove this in Gallery 4 ? Or this is an option that is disable by default ? I d'ont find anything in PC admin Thanks
  10. Hi, In "Custom Markers", if I write a "Marker Title" with a letter with an accent (à é è), the "Marker Title" doesn't appear in the infobox on the map.
  11. Doesn't Work for me
  12. mmhh... With dropdown : I try to put this <if test="$data['record']['salles_concerts']"> {$data['record']['salles_concerts']['record_title']} </if> it works on my test board.... but on my live board, I have this error : Warning: stristr() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/www/141d2093c0e41809bf75f6f93edc4124/web/forums/admin/applications_addon/ips/ccs/sources/databases.php on line 3209 See :
  13. I think I begin to understand lol And can you give me exemple if I choose type-ahead ?
  14. I know :lol: It's just for test on my test board.... :sweat: I try an other test on other database, because nothing happened with your code.