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  1. Pages Database Statistics

    I used a "barbaric" method to display the number Create a Custom PHP block with this code $link = mysql_connect("localhost", "user", "pass"); mysql_select_db("base", $link); $res = mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(1) FROM database-table", $link); $row = mysql_fetch_row($res); echo $row[]; And I add the block at the place to show number If someone have better idea.
  2. Pages Database Statistics

    I Try to find this to. Add number of records in a database. I try this but ... no.... {number=$stats"['total_database']"}
  3. 4.0.5.... always nothing...
  4. Content Relational Records Field

    ​Good luck (I have a 4 years old girl) Thanks for your fast answer
  5. Thanks Ralf I hope this come soon and not in 4.x . Without that, I cannot upgrade to Suite 4 And it will be great to add functionnalities from the hook that i link
  6. Content Relational Records Field

    Do you think to upgrade this for Pages 4.x ??
  7. Hi, In IP.content 2.3.x, I use a lot of field "Database Relationship" in my databases. (and I use this too in complement) I upgrade my test forum to Suite 4.0.0, and I see that my fields "Database Relationship" were deleted... I try to re create it, and there are not present ??? Have you remove this ?
  8. Hi, In IP.Gallery 5.0, you had "pInterest Integration" - See blog entries from @bfarber Do you remove this in Gallery 4 ? Or this is an option that is disable by default ? I d'ont find anything in PC admin Thanks
  9. Member Map

    Hi, In "Custom Markers", if I write a "Marker Title" with a letter with an accent (à é è), the "Marker Title" doesn't appear in the infobox on the map.
  10. Member Map

    Doesn't Work for me
  11. Content Relational Records Field

    mmhh... With dropdown : I try to put this <if test="$data['record']['salles_concerts']"> {$data['record']['salles_concerts']['record_title']} </if> it works on my test board.... but on my live board, I have this error : Warning: stristr() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/www/141d2093c0e41809bf75f6f93edc4124/web/forums/admin/applications_addon/ips/ccs/sources/databases.php on line 3209 See :
  12. Content Relational Records Field

    I think I begin to understand lol And can you give me exemple if I choose type-ahead ?
  13. Content Relational Records Field

    I know :lol: It's just for test on my test board.... :sweat: I try an other test on other database, because nothing happened with your code.
  14. Content Relational Records Field

    In my db A, the field (database records) is "test" (key = "test") in my db B, there is 2 fields : - Field "Title" (key = title) - Field "Content" (key = content) Display fields from db B in my db A